How the environment affects pool colour

Being faced with an array of colour options when selecting a swimming pool colour can be difficult when narrowing down your options. You might notice that the hues look somewhat different from photo to photo, although they are the same colour. This article explores how the environment can affect the look and feel of different gelcoat colours and the effect that light and surrounding colours have on the overall look of the swimming pool. Weather Effects Think about a dark, rainy day in comparison to a clear, sunny day. When rainy weather arises, less sunlight passes through the cloud [...]

Five Reasons to Make a Splash with a Splash Deck

Leisure Pools produces swimming pools that are packed with desirable features. One of our most sought-after features is a splash deck, an area of the pool with a consistent shallow depth that provides lots of great benefits.

Best of Both Worlds: Pool & Spa Combinations

Instead of having your pool separated from your spa, why not have both?  Through innovative design, Leisure Pools offers pool and spa combinations that truly provide the best of both worlds.

6 Best Swimming Pool Features

Why have a bland swimming pool when you can have one that offers great features?  At Leisure Pools, our design team works to create swimming pool designs that are modern and incorporate the latest in swimming pool trends, technology and features.

Hot Pool Trends: Plunge Pools

Just because you have a very small backyard, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a pool! At Leisure Pools, we offer small pools known as plunge pools.

Rectangular or Freeform: Picking the Perfect Pool

In researching pools, there may seem to be infinite choices in pool design, leaving you wondering which style best suits your taste and backyard.  Let’s take a closer look at two popular designs and figure out how easy it is picking the perfect pool.