Being faced with an array of colour options when selecting a swimming pool colour can be difficult when narrowing down your options. You might notice that the hues look somewhat different from photo to photo, although they are the same colour.

This article explores how the environment can affect the look and feel of different gelcoat colours and the effect that light and surrounding colours have on the overall look of the swimming pool.

Weather Effects

Think about a dark, rainy day in comparison to a clear, sunny day. When rainy weather arises, less sunlight passes through the cloud barrier, resulting in overcast, darker days. The effects of diminished lighting on the colour perception of your pool impacts the way the eye perceives the water colour that is reflected by the gelcoat. The colour you see is the reflection of white light from a surface. Therefore, the less sunlight, the less vibrant a colour will appear.

Below is an example of two pools of the same colour, but one pictured during a sunny day and the other during a cloudy day:

Sapphire Blue during a cloudy day
Sapphire Blue during a sunny day

Landscaping Influence on Pool Colour 

The landscaping and surrounding areas of a pool affect how the colour is perceived.

For instance, think of the colour red next to the colour pink. Now, in comparison, imagine the colours red and blue next to one another. In the first instance, although being different in hues and vibrance, pink and red are in the same “family”. The gap between red and blue is much greater, leading you to see both colours differently.

Therefore, it is fundamental to consider the project as a whole when choosing your pool colour and is detrimental to achieving your desired outcome. It is important to develop a plan around landscaping to consider whether the pool blends into the scenery or offers high contrast to the area.

Here is an example of the difference between two pools of the same colour, but in different landscapes:

In conclusion, you should expect your pool to look less bright when not as much light is reflected, like during a cloudy day. When it comes to the overall look of your pool, landscaping and colours in the surrounding area will affect the overall look of your pool.

If you are considering installing a pool, connect with your local professional pool installer and plan your path to a beautiful pool and backyard.