What is a Splash Deck in Pool Design?

You may have heard of the term “Splash Deck” before, but maybe aren’t quite familiar with what it is. Perhaps you know it by some of its other names: baja shelf, pool with tanning ledge, or sun shelf pool. Put simply, a splash deck (or any of its aliases), is the flat and shallow part of your pool that acts much like an extended step. It creates an area in which swimmers can play, lounge, cool off, or work on their tans.

This exciting design of a pool with a tanning ledge is making its presence known in backyard pools across the country. It’s perfect for people of all ages, and there are many reasons why you should get one for your inground backyard fibreglass swimming pool.

Why You Should Consider Adding a Splash Deck to Your Pool

Splash decks are an ideal place to lounge, have fun, and splash with the kids. While the shallow end of a pool was created primarily with young kids in mind to enjoy swimming without fear of being in the deep end, splash decks offers something for everyone. Here are a few ideas that just might inspire you to incorporate one into your backyard.

Perfect for the Kids

If your kids prefer the shallower part of the pool but you want to enjoy time in the deep end, a splash deck allows your kids to safely play while you enjoy swim time nearby. You can also just spend some quality time with your kids in the cool, shallow waters. For teenagers, the splash deck is a great place to enjoy some pool time activities kicked back on deck chairs.

Leisure Pools Ultimate fiberglass swimming pool features a tanning ledge

Create Your Own Sanctuary

Speaking of deck chair, a splash deck is the perfect place for them. Ever wanted to relax and keep cool in the water but aren’t a big fan of those inflatable rafts? They inevitably lose air and possibly never give you the comfort level you desire. However, a couple of deck chairs placed on the splash deck can offer the same sensation. No more awkwardly floating all over the pool.

Incorporate Exciting Accessories

Splash decks are ideal for strategically placed LED lights for ambiance and style, as well as water features, such as bubblers and fountains.  Want a little shade? Put up an umbrella and you get the best of both worlds: sun and shelter. Truly, when it comes to customising your splash deck, the ideas are endless.

Perfect Place for Dogs

If your pet loves to join your family in all the fun but gets tired of dog paddling around the pool, a splash deck could become their favourite place to hang out. They can get comfortable in the water without having to get fully in the pool. Plus, they can be close to their family at the same time.

Take a Peek at Some of the Stylish Splash Deck Options from Leisure Pools

At Leisure Pools, we encourage you to live a life of leisure, and that means enjoying your fibreglass swimming pool and all it has to offer you. View our exciting portfolio of swimming pool designs that offer an integrated splash deck option. Prepare to be amazed and inspired. From our rectangular pools that offer a splash deck to our stylish freeform designs, there is something for everyone.

The Absolute from the Leisure Pools range features a splash deck area
The Precision from the Leisure Pools range features a splash deck area
The Acclaim from the Leisure Pools range features a splash deck area
The Reflection with Splash Deck from the Leisure Pools range features a splash deck area
The Allure from the Leisure Pools range features a splash deck area
The Elite from the Leisure Pools range features a splash deck area

You can always rely on Leisure Pools to help you design and style the ideal backyard fibreglass swimming pool for you and your family. Something that works in perfect harmony with your backyard, no matter what features you desire. Want a waterfall, fountains, bubblers, or lighting? Our experts can help to create that outdoor oasis of which you have been dreaming.

For information and/or assistance in making the best selection for your pool, contact your local dealer. To find your local fibreglass pool dealer, call 1300 SPLASH or go to our Contact Us Page.