If you’ve perused the Leisure Pools website, you’ve probably seen that one of our wonderful swimming pool features is a safety ledge. What is a safety ledge, exactly? It’s a feature that every Leisure Pools swimming pool has – a ledge running the perimeter of the swimming pool. At Leisure Pools, we seek to design pools that are beautiful, with timeless, aesthetically pleasing designs and stunning lines and curves. We even have a gorgeous range of gelcoat colours to choose from. But our pools go beyond beauty and also have functional features–the safety ledge being just one of them. But it’s a very important one. Learn more about why Leisure Pools chooses to have a safety ledge on all of our pools.

1. Safety for Children

Many pool owners have children or grandchildren, or entertain friends with children. When owning a pool where kids will be playing, safety is a major concern. The side of a swimming pool can often be slick and hard to grasp for children. The safety ledge allows children to stand on the ledge and grasp the side of the pool. This can be helpful as children are learning to swim and can provide parents with added peace of mind.

Watch this video demonstration and see how a child utilizes this feature.

2. Safety for Non-Swimmers

Even as adults, not everyone is a strong swimmer. Or, many people choose to install a swimming pool because it provides exercise and enjoyment for people suffering from disabilities, arthritis, joint pain, injuries and ailments. For those who are not strong swimmers, or are recovering or suffering from an ailment, the safety ledge provides an easy way to grasp the side of the pool.

3. Added Strength

Surprisingly, the safety ledge provides more than safety–it also provides added structural strength to the pool. This, combined with features like Leisure Pools vinyl ester resin construction, Composite Armour, and SMART Colour Range, allow to offer a lifetime structural warranty and lifetime structural osmosis warranty–which means you can enjoy your pool worry-free for many years.

As you consider a pool purchase, think about safety and the importance of a good warranty. View our beautiful pool designs and see how aesthetics don’t have to be sacrificed for function. Contact Leisure Pools today and Get Swimming in Quality and Style.