Leisure Pools produces swimming pools that are packed with desirable features. One of our most sought-after features is a splash deck, but you may wondering what, exactly, a splash deck is. It’s an area of the pool with a consistent shallow depth that provides lots of great benefits. We offer several pool designs that have a splash deck:

There are many reasons why splash decks are so popular. These are five of the top reasons to make a splash with a pool that has a splash deck:

1. It’s perfect for basking in the sun

The shallow depth of the splash deck makes it a great place to sit and enjoy the sunshine and work on your tan.

2. You’ll feel like you’re at the beach

You know how when it’s hot outside at the beach you can sit in the shallow water to cool off? A splash deck will make you feel like you’re enjoying the beach and you can even put your lounge chair on the splash deck.

3. It’s a great play area for your kids or grandchildren

If you have small children, the pool itself may be too deep for them to play. The shallow water of the splash deck makes for the perfect play area. Your child can enjoy their toys and play around.

4. It’s ideal for socialising

The splash decks on our pools are large enough to accommodate multiple people, so you and your friends can all hang out on the splash deck.

5. It’s aesthetically pleasing

The great thing about Leisure Pools’ splash decks are that they’re built in to the pool and thus come in the same beautiful range of gelcoat colours as our pools. The splash deck is a striking addition. You can even add jets that shoot water up to create beautiful fountains.

Are you ready to enjoy a pool with a splash deck? Contact Leisure Pools today (leisurepools.com.au) and Get Swimming in Quality and Style.