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After a storm

Safety tip – Please be careful of you pool equipment as it may have been inundated with water and have an electrical short. If it is not working, contact UPCS immediately, we are accredited to work with insurance companies on any equipment or works you need. After heavy rain your pool water will be diluted of chemicals. The first step is to super chlorinate your water, this will help eliminate any algae starting to bloom. The next step is to lower your pool water to allow your skimmer to filter the water more efficiently. After this the next step [...]

What is the Best Type of Swimming Pool for My Home?

No doubt, owning a swimming pool will have a wonderful and lasting effect on your life. Notwithstanding, it’s important you understand what your options are and which type of pool will best suit your needs.

How Long Do Swimming Pools Last?

While taking the step of purchasing a swimming pool, it’s important to feel confident that the type of pool you buy will stand the test of time and provide years of worry-free ownership.