Understand Pool Terminology

In the realm of swimming pools, you might understand the more popular pool terminology: "inground" and "above ground" pools, as well as the various types of pools available such as fiberglass, concrete, vinyl liner, and others. However, if you're undertaking a pool project, you should familiarise yourself with some terms  you're likely to encounter. Filter The water is pumped through and forced down onto the filter. As the water passes through the filter, it traps dirt and removes it from the water. From time to time the filter will require backwashing to clean the dirt accumulated. There are [...]

Heating Fibreglass Pools

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Creating an Oasis with Water Features

Pools are a beautiful addition to your home, but if you want something a little extra special that gives that “wow” factor, a Leisure Pools water feature is a great choice.

7 Great Add-ons to Your Leisure Pool

The wealth of different add-ons that can help make your pool uniquely your own or even just add some extra features or pizzazz. These are the best swimming pool accessories we offer for your Leisure Pool.

7 Best Apps for Pool Owners

When you own a pool, there are tons of apps that can help you with everything from pool maintenance, to controlling pool lighting to even some apps that are just plain fun.

Spotlight on Spas: 5 Health Benefits

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Light it Up with Pool Lights

There are many options for pool lighting from lights in your pool to landscape lighting to even lit water features. Check out our swimming pool lights guide.