Why have a bland swimming pool when you can have one that offers great features?  At Leisure Pools, our design team works to create swimming pool designs that are modern and incorporate the latest in swimming pool trends, technology and features.  Whether you desire a simple, clean, elegant look, or a swimming pool that is packed with all the latest and greatest additions, there is the perfect swimming pool to fit your desires.  Let’s take a look at some of the best features available in swimming pools.

Built-In Spas

Imagine having a nice, cool swimming pool to cool off in on hot days while also having a spa to enjoy while relaxing under the stars?  With built-in spas, you can have the best of both worlds.  Leisure Pools offers the Allure and Opulence that both have a built-in spa.  The spa fits seamlessly into the swimming pool design and clever overflow channel channels were added where water cascades into the pool, creating a beautiful water feature effect.  Or you can choose one of our swim spas, a plunge pool and spa combination.

Tanning Ledge

The Tanning Ledge serves as the ultimate addition to any pool.  This versatile ledge maintains a shallow, consistent depth, providing an idea hotspot for basking in the sun or a safe area for young children to play.  Leisure Pools designers created this ledge to have both a curved side and a straight side so that it complements almost any style pool within the Leisure Pools Range, while also enhancing your experience by providing an additional lounge area with a solid, stable depth.

Water Features

Cascading water can not only be beautiful, but also serene.  Water Features also offer a stunning look that can turn an ordinary backyard into an oasis with a waterfall.  Leisure Pools offers several different Water Feature options that can be incorporated with our pools.  Each one comes in a natural, rough texture finish, but the Water Features can also be customised with mosaic tiles, stone cladding, or any colour or style tile.  Leisure Pools offers six different styles of Water Features, ensuring there is a shape and style to suit any aesthetic.

Abundant Seating

Pools are often the gathering spot for friends and family.  When you’re all socialising in the pool, you want to ensure there is plenty of space for everyone to have a seat and stay cool.  One of the great features many Leisure Pools swimming pools offer, are abundant seating areas like large benches or wrap around seating.

Swim Jet System & Spa Jets

If you’re interested in training or exercising in your pool, but have a smaller pool that makes a good end-to-end swim challenging, a swim jet system can be incorporated.  By swimming against the swim jets, you’re able to get your swim in despite a small space.  If you enjoy the relaxing benefits of massaging hydrotherapy, spa jets are great feature.  These can be installed in a seating area allowing you to enjoy an effect similar to a spa.

Auto Cover

A retractable pool cover will not only improve your heating options, but also will keep you pool free from leaves and debris.  Furthermore, you will have the ability to automatically retract your pool cover out of sight.  Leisure Pools offers the Reflection with Auto Cover, a rectangular pool with a full length bench seat.  The auto cover is built into the pool, creating a functional yet stylish designed pool with the option to cover it.

In addition to all these great pool features, Leisure Pools offers seven beautiful gelcoat colour options to choose from, ensuring you have a pool that perfectly complements your backyard paradise.  Or, if you’re looking for something more playful, a diving board could be added to pools with deeper depths, or even a water slide.  At Leisure Pools, the possibilities are endless.  Contact Leisure Pools today  and Get Swimming in Quality and Style.