These days, all the rage in the inground swimming pool industry is centered on salt chlorinators (also referred to as salt chlorine generators). This device that has revolutionised what it means to own a swimming pool and is now debunking the “pools are too much work” perception.

What is a salt chlorinator?
As their name suggests, salt chlorinators use salt to create chlorine for swimming pool sanitisation. Salt chlorinators utilise the process of electrolysis to create a pure form of chlorine from a small amount of ordinary salt that can be used over and over again.
To be accurate, salt or minerals don’t sanitise the pool, chlorine does.  Salt or minerals in the form of magnesium chloride, potassium chloride or sodium chloride when dissolved into the pool water is converted by the salt chlorinator into chlorine which sanitises the pool.  The salts or minerals, in roughly the same solution as a tear drop, passes through the electrolytic plates in the chlorinator cell to form chlorine which kills all the contaminants within the pool and prevents bacteria and algae from forming.
By using salt chlorinators, the need for purchasing and handling chlorine is significantly reduced or even eliminated, increasing safety, convenience and chemical cost savings. Salt chlorinators for swimming pools keep water clean and also maintain pool water that is softer and less irritating to the eyes and skin of swimmers.  As a result, many swimmers greatly prefer pools with salt chlorinators to pools using other forms of chlorination.

Is the salt water in the pool then like the salt water in the ocean?
The answer to this is NO.  The salt content in the ocean is approximately 35,000 parts per million, whereas with a salt chlorinator the typical salt content is approximately 3,000 parts per million.  As a result, the water does not taste or feel salty but rather very refreshing and soft.

What are the drawbacks using a salt chlorinator?
Unfortunately not all swimming pool structures are ideally suited to salt chlorination.

Concrete Pools
Unfortunately salt chlorinators are not ideal for concrete swimming pools.  It has been found that salt chlorinators are up to 5 times more abrasive than regular chlorine on concrete surfaces.  Although this doesn’t mean you cannot use a salt chlorinator in a concrete swimming pool, it does mean that you’ll have to resurface this type of pool sooner than you would have otherwise have to do — which is a very costly repair.

Metal Wall Vinyl Liner Pools
Obviously metal does not like salt and when in contact can cause rust.  As a result, if you have a metal walled vinyl liner pool a salt chlorinator will not be ideal as the structure is not ideally suited to this type of pool structure.

Leisure Pools Composite Fibreglass Pools
The boating industry worked out years ago that fibreglass was one of man’s greatest materials in dealing with salt water, which is why fibreglass swimming pools are also a perfect choice for anyone wanting to use a salt chlorinator with their swimming pool.
As a result of the non-porous structure of a Leisure Pools composite fibreglass pool the surface structure when combined with our Composite Armour™ full vinyl ester resin construction is ideally designed for salt chlorinated swimming pools.

What is the ideal combination?
Salt chlorinated pools have become the swimming pool of choice as they provide a low cost solution for keeping swimming pool water sanitised as well as substantially reducing time in maintaining the swimming pool.
In addition to saving time and money, salt water pools are simply nicer swimming pools to enjoy as a result of the water being softer and refreshing.  What a nice solution – particularly when some of these minerals and salts can be so good for the health of your family just by being in the pool water.  The result is pure, crystal clear, soft feeling water and happy, healthy swimmers.
Leisure Pools composite fibreglass swimming pools are designed and ideally suited for salt chlorination.  We have tens and tens of thousands of Leisure Pools swimming pools with salt chlorinators around the world providing decades of trouble free enjoyment.