Thinking about owning a pool? In addition to the fun and enjoyment pools can bring, it’s also exciting to choose all the different options for your pool. One option that’s an important part is lighting. Imagine this: the serene lights of your pool casting a beautiful color while gazing up at the stars.  There are many options for pool lighting from lights in your pool to landscape lighting to even lit water features. Check out our swimming pool lights guide:

Pool Lights

Leisure Pools Moroccan large in-ground swimming pool with stairs and spa nook

Optional features such as underwater lights can help turn the Leisure Pools Moroccan into a night time showcase.

Having lights in your pool can create a unique ambiance. Leisure Pools underwater lights are available with LED color changing bulbs providing you with a kaleidoscope of colors. The LED bulb will go through a rotation of colors and can be stopped on a particular color that you particularly like. Leisure Pools underwater lights are also available with a stainless steel dress ring providing a high finish to your underwater light. A minimum of two underwater lights in a pool is recommended for a fantastic affect.

Landscape Lights

Outdoor lighting can also have a big impact on the ambiance of your pool space. Whether you choose lit wall sconces or patio lighting, it can set the mood and create a serene environment perfect for gazing at the night sky or enjoying a poolside dinner.

Water Feature Lights

A stunning addition to your pool is a water feature, especially when it’s lit up in the evening. The sound of flowing water combined with the glow of the lights creates a calm, inviting environment. Leisure Pools offers six different water feature models, which can all be equipped with lighting to provide a spectacular look. Check out the different designs here. Thanks for viewing our Swimming Pool Lights Guide.

You can be enjoying your evenings pool-side, under the stars, with lighting to set the perfect mood. Contact Leisure Pools today and Get Swimming in Quality and Style.