Safety tip – Please be careful of you pool equipment as it may have been inundated with water and have an electrical short. If it is not working, contact UPCS immediately, we are accredited to work with insurance companies on any equipment or works you need.

After heavy rain your pool water will be diluted of chemicals.

  • The first step is to super chlorinate your water, this will help eliminate any algae starting to bloom.
  • The next step is to lower your pool water to allow your skimmer to filter the water more efficiently.
  • After this the next step is to test your pool water to get the chemistry back to normal.

As there will be a lot of chemicals required, this will need to be done in stages over several hours to eliminate any problems with mixing chemicals, as this will have adverse effects.

Your Ultra Pool Care Squad technician can assist you with all this.

Brown water after a storm

If you looked at your pool after a storm to find your pool brown like a dam it will indicate that soil and debris have entered the pool from surrounding garden. This could be due to a variety of things such as mulch, soil, bark, leaves even stones or rocks.

DO NOT EMPTY THE POOL The easiest option will be to empty the pool, but there will a lot of water still under the pool, this could cause the pool to lift.

The first thing to do here is turn off your pool equipment. There will be to much solid material in the water for the pool filter to filter this out.

Call Ultra Pool Care Squad to assist you.

Most pools that have brown water usually will need a special treatment which is best left with the experts to deal with. Call Ultra Pool Care squad to assist you.

We can assist you to clean and clear up the pool but also advise you on what can be done to help prevent this in the future.

When soil and garden material has entered the pool, it will carry nasty pathogens which also need to be treated it can also add to your pool high levels of phosphate. Your Ultra Pool Care Squad technician can assist you with all this so once the pool is clean and clear it will also be safe to swim again in no time.

Call Ultra Pool Care Squad now at 1300 755 999.