A swimming pool can provide a lifetime of enjoyable experiences and memories while also being an aesthetically pleasing and beautiful addition to your backyard. One of the most important benefits is that it can also provide a healthy lifestyle and means of exercise. Swimming is a fantastic cardiovascular activity and studies have even found that individuals tend to exercise for longer periods of time when in the water. The great thing about swimming, and other benefits you gain from a pool, is that it’s a lifelong activity! We’ve put together a list of the reasons why pools can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

1. Swimming is an activity even babies can enjoy

You don’t have to be a certain age to enjoy a pool, you can even start out as a baby! Studies have shown that babies who learn to swim tend to develop skills like balance, coordinator and grasping objects earlier than babies who do not. While it’s good to wait until your baby is 6 months, even babies less than one year old can go underwater.

Once your child is old enough for swimming lessons, these lessons teach children skills like listening, following instructions and socialization.

2. Swimming never gets old

Swimming and enjoying a pool is activity that can be enjoyed at every age and never goes out of style. Babies enjoy splashing around, kids enjoy games, teens may enjoy playing sports in the pool or competitions, adults may enjoy swimming laps or entertaining friends. At any age, there can be an enjoyment of the water unlike any other sport.

3. Swimming can be enjoyed the rest of your life

Unlike high impact sports like running, soccer, volleyball or basketball, swimming is a low impact activity. The buoyancy of the water allows for a wider range of motion, enabling elderly people, or those with arthritis or disabilities, to perform exercises that they cannot do on land. Stretching in the water, water aerobics, water jogging and swimming are all activities that with a pool can be done for the rest of your life, no matter you age.


You can be on your way to enjoying the lifelong benefits of a swimming pool. Contact Leisure Pools today (www.leisurepools.com.au) and Get Swimming in Quality and Style.