From 1 July 2023, Leisure Pools has introduced a new colour range, expanded The Precision’s size options, and welcomed back exclusive equipment enclosures and water features. To find out more information, please read the information below or contact your local dealership on 1300 SPLASH or via our website contact form.

The Granitech Range

Inspired by the beauty and uniqueness of nature, Leisure Pools introduces a range of fibreglass pool colours to the market, celebrating texture and connection to nature through extensive testing and market research. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of our world within your own home.


Mimicking the shades of ocean waves, this mid blue tone creates a refreshing and serene atmosphere that brings a sense of tranquility and calmness to your pool area.


Creating a sense of strength and balance, the monotone hues of Lavastone draw inspiration from volcanic shorelines where sparkling black sand slips away to the white foam of the sea.


This spectacular shade seamlessly blends with its surroundings creating an authentic and harmonious environment as though you’ve immersed yourself with nature itself.


Natural beauty and elegance are personified, inspiring calmness, and tranquility to your space. The versatility of Opal’s bright white base is a perfect central colour.

Note: The Granitech Range is currently not available in the following models:
‘The Absolute’, ‘The Allure’ and ‘The Reflection with Auto Cover’.

The Precision

Due to popular demand, Leisure Pools is proud to welcome back 2 sizes in The Precision Range – The Precision 5.00 and The Precision 6.00! To view all 4 of The Precision’s sizes, click here.


length: 5.00m
width: 3.25m
depth: 1.50m


length: 6.00m
width: 3.25m
depth: 1.50m

Note: Dimensions are of the swimming pool shell only and may be rounded.
Splash Deck measures 1.10m x 3.05m x 0.35m.

Equipment Enclosures & Water Features

Leisure Pools offers a wide range of pool enhancement products, providing you with a variety of options to upgrade your pool space.


Equipment Enclosures

length: 1.35m   width: 1.10m   depth: 0.80m

Note: Dimensions may be rounded.

Equipment Cover

Equipment Enclosures

length: 1.40m   width: 1.20m   depth: 0.95m

Note: Dimensions may be rounded. Only available in Beige finish.

The Cascade

Water Feature & Enclosure

The Cascade Water Feature makes an excellent accompaniment to any of our beautiful pools.

width: 2.35m   height: 1.20m   depth: 0.80m

Note: Dimensions may be rounded.

The Waterwall

Water Feature

The Waterwall has been designed with timeless style and endless possibilities in mind.

width: 2.40m   height: 0.60m   depth: 0.30m
width: 1.20m   height: 0.60m   depth: 0.30m

Note: Dimensions may be rounded.

The Serenity

Water Feature & Enclosure

The Serenity features an eloquently flowing curve that looks spectacular alongside any of our pools.

width: 2.35m   height: 1.30m   depth: 0.75m

Note: Dimensions may be rounded.

The Oasis

Water Feature & Enclosure

The Oasis Water Feature is the perfect unit to keep your pool equipment protected from the elements.

width: 2.80m   height: 1.00m   depth: 0.78m

Note: Dimensions may be rounded.

The Salacia

Water Feature (Enclosure Optional)

The Salacia Water Feature combines modern design with the latest lighting technology to create a striking addition to your pool.

width: 2.35m   height: 1.20m   depth: 0.50m

Note: Dimensions may be rounded.

The Niagara

Water Feature

The Niagara Water Feature creates a grand and tranquil atmosphere with the soothing sounds of flowing water.

width: 3.60m   height: 1.45m   depth: 1.00m

Note: Dimensions may be rounded.

Colours & Finishes





Mist Grey

*Cabinet Only

Storm Grey

*Cabinet Only

Note: Colours are examples only and may vary from the finished product.

If you have any questions about the new updates from this blog, or would like to learn more, please contact your local dealership at 1300 SPLASH or through our website contact form.

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