The Niagara Water Feature Filtration Enclosure is a classic stepped water wall of significant size, perfect for the larger pool and those wanting a grand statement piece.


The Niagara Water Feature Filtration Enclosure is a classic design that comes standard with a 600mm centre mounted silkflow sheer descent but can easily accommodate an 1800mm wide sheer descent for a spectacular sheet of water effect.

The large filtration bay can easily house all your filtration needs with space to spare. This imposing water feature will make a spectacular addition to your pool that is bound to impress.

Niagara Water Feature Specifications

Width: 3.60M
Height: 1.45m
Depth: 1.0m


Colour Finishes

The Leisure Pools Water Feature is available in a range of colours including Ivory, Desert and Basalt. Each of these colours are a rough texture finish providing a rendered look.

Alternatively, in order to really customise your water feature to suit your landscape many customers will have the Water Feature finished in a variety of products from mosaic tiles, stack stone cladding to tiles. All of these finishes can be glued onto the Water Feature providing a beautiful finish to the swimming pool landscape. If you are considering cladding the entire Water Feature then it is available in a smooth Beige finish.

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