The question of whether you can heat a fibreglass pool may have crossed your mind if you are thinking of installing one. In many regions, the warm season only graces us with its presence for about three to four months. In light of this, having a reliable heating system for your pool becomes a compelling option to ensure comfortable swimming temperatures throughout the year.

The answer is yes: fibreglass pools are good for heating, and you have a range of heating system options at your disposal. What sets fibreglass pools apart is its ability to effectively retain warmth due to their unique construction process. Consequently, you can comfortably extend your swimming season with the right heating solution.

Fibreglass Pools have more durability than their counterparts

Let’s delve into the various systems available for heating fibreglass pools:

Electric Heat Pumps

Steps of a Fibreglass Pool

Electric heat pumps stand out as a practical choice for pool heating. Modern technology has propelled these pumps to operate quietly and efficiently. The high energy efficiency found in contemporary models translates to reduced heating costs. These heat pumps can seamlessly modulate the speed of the fan and compressor, ensuring optimal performance from minimum to maximum outputs.

Gas Heaters

Gas Heater

Gas pool heaters, on the other hand, offer rapid pool heating capabilities. This option proves advantageous if you seek occasional heating and wish to economise on energy costs. With the options available today, you could turn your heater on at night, and have your pool nice and warm for a swim the next day.

If year-round swimming is your objective, investing in a pool heater is the way to go. The heat retention properties of fibreglass pools, combined with an energy-efficient heater, promise comfort without placing strain on your finances.

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