What are the benefits of owning a swimming pool?  Using the words of a great author, “let us count the ways.”


Plain and simple – swimming pools are fun to be around, and even more fun to be in.  If there is something that we all need more of in our lives, it is having fun.  Having fun means less stress, and less stress means a better outlook on life. Having fun leads to sleeping better – and we all know that a good night’s sleep means a much happier you. Having fun means being more creative.  When you are having fun, you come up with more ingenious ways of having even more fun – like creating new games to play with your friends in the pool.  Having fun means can make you feel more youthful. Having fun means having more energy and being more motivated.  Having fun means smiling more and releasing more endorphins, which are chemicals used to relieve stress, lessen pain and provide a natural “high.”

You could justify getting your own pool just by noting all the fun you are going to have. Imagine all the games of “Cannonball” in your pool, seeing how wet you can get your kids or siblings who are trying to sun bake on the side of the pool!

Make More Friends

One of the biggest benefits of owning a swimming pool is that it automatically makes you ten times more popular.  Suddenly, YOU are the greatest person in the world, and everyone wants to be your friend. Think back to when you were in high school. Who were the coolest kids on the block?  The ones who had swimming pools in their backyard, that’s who!

Having your own swimming pool can make you popular in your neighborhood


Community swimming pools are wonderful – when they are open.  But all community pools have operating hours, and they might or might not mesh with your schedule.  Even when they are open, there is always a “season”, typically meaning that the pools only operate during specific times of the year, generally during the spring and summer months.  Having your own pool means that the pool is always open, whenever you want to swim, whether it be day or night.

Imagine if you did not have to pack up a huge bag in order to take the family to the community pool, plus not having to waste time and money in making the drive there?  If you have your own pool, you don’t have to worry about pulling out the big bag out in order to collect everyone’s beach towels, or getting snacks and drinks together, or making sure you have your book packed so you can do some reading while the kids play.  Not to mention making sure that you have some chairs to lounge in or a hat and sunglasses to wear. Instead, when your pool is in your backyard, life is so much easier knowing that you already have all the things you need right at your fingertips. No getting mad at yourself for leaving that can’t-do-without-it item at home.


Even though most community pools have rules and regulations in regard to cleanliness, there’s no way to know for sure just how clean they are kept.  Why take the chance of going to a public pool and fail to enjoy the swim because it was not properly maintained?  Having your own pool allows you to control, monitor and manage the cleanliness of your own pool.

Fabulous Zoom Background

Hopefully we are now on the backside of the pandemic, but if you are still working from home, you might as well make home worth working from.  So set up your office with the pool in the background and catch some sunshine while you work. Then when you have to do that Zoom call with your team, you will be the talk of the meeting as everyone raves about how YOU have the best office environment. They will all be wishing they could work from your back yard.

Great Exercise

Another one of the huge benefits of owning a swimming pool has to do with your health. It almost goes without saying that swimming is great exercise. You can swim laps in your pool to increase your heart rate, burn calories and get ALL of your muscles working together.  It is simply one of the best sports activities for any age.

Swimming is considered very low impact.  You do not have to worry about the stress and pains that can come with more strenuous activities like basketball, soccer,  and tennis. Running and jogging put a lot of strain on your legs, back and muscles. And while walking can be good physical activity, it still puts pressure on your joints, and especially your feet and back.  Swimming doesn’t do that.  Water provides its own natural resistance, giving you a low impact workout every time you venture into your swimming pool.

If you have a spa, then you have the additional benefit of hydrotherapy.  That is where you use refreshing, warm or hot water to soothe and reinvigorate your muscles.  It eases your pains and relieves pressures on your joints.  Even better, it is a great way to relax – and when you add a friend or two, it can easily become a wonderful way of bonding and enhancing personal relationships.

What is even better about this exercise is that there is no long learning curve. Most people already know how to swim, or if they don’t, they can usually pick it up in a few lessons.

Solo or Group Activity

While we don’t recommend that you swim alone all the time (it’s always nice to have someone else around to make sure that you’re safe), swimming is a great activity that you can do by yourself, if you want to.  Or even better, have a few friends or acquaintances come over and play or swim in your pool.  It’s a great way to create new relationships or simply spend time with old friends.

Fantastic Party Location

Want to throw a party?  There is no better way to host a get-together than having one beside the pool.  Invite everyone over for holidays.  You provide the pool, and they can bring the chicken to barbeque and the Bluetooth speakers to stream great music.

Since you have the party location, it means that you get to save money on petrol.  Plus, you get to sleep in your own bed and relax instead of having to make all these travel plans to go to places that maybe you don’t really want to go to.  Because when you have a great pool, you really don’t want to go anywhere else!  You are happier because you like – and want – to be home.

Increased Home Value

With the recent health situation, the value of having your own backyard swimming pool has greatly increased property values.  All community pools were closed along with a large number of other businesses that could have provided “traditional” out-of-home experiences. Having your own swimming pool is not only good for the homeowner but also for those who rent out properties.  This allows landlords/owners to offer a strong “added value” to their offerings in the form of a swimming pool that many families may not normally be able to enjoy.

Cost Efficient

Adding your own pool can seem to be an expensive proposition.  However, when you consider that the cost of taking a family of five to a five-day, four-night stay at a major entertainment park can easily cost four figures, the investment may not seem so high and the benefits of owning a swimming pool looks a lot better.  If you are in a northern state like Queensland, you may be able to enjoy your pool for the majority of the year. Your home becomes the perfect “staycation.”

Family Memories

What is the value of having incredible memories of your family around your pool enjoying great moments and happiness?  For many of us, the simple mention of a swimming pool floods us with incredible positive memories of kids swimming with friends, of playing “Marco Polo,” of jumping in and out of the pool, or simply resting beside the pool getting a nice tan.  Or perhaps just getting a chance to jump into the pool after a long day at the office, or coming home after soccer or baseball practice and cooling off in the pool.

Simply said, having a swimming pool makes your life better and more enjoyable.  All the proof you need is recognising how much you are smiling right now at the idea of having your own pool in your backyard.

Need to Find a Local Builder?

So those are some of the biggest benefits of owning a swimming pool, and should help you clarify if adding a backyard oasis is the right decision for you. If you want to explore your options, you should consider consulting your local, independent Leisure Pools dealer. They will know the best way to select the perfect design, in the perfect colour, with the right landscaping and accessories.  Go to our Contact Us page.  You information will be routed to your nearest local dealer who can make sure that you have the best opportunity to enjoy your well-deserved “Life of Leisure.”