As fun as a day out at the beach can be, more often than not it can come with it’s own set of problems and hazards that can sometimes take the fun out of a nice, family outing. But don’t worry, we’ve got the answer and we’ve put together a list to show you why it’s so much better owning a pool, so here’s why…

1) You never get sand in your bikinis.

Chafing, rashes and assorted irritations that come along with getting sand wedged inside a wet bikini are things of the past when you own your own pool.

2) You never have to drive to get there.

A pool right in your own backyard means no need to worry about traffic, gas or getting the kids strapped in for a car trip to the beach.

3) You don’t get sand in your sandwiches.

Cucumber, lettuce, tomato and SAND are just not a very tasty combination. And no matter how you package them, the sand always seems to find its way inside. But with the comfort of your kitchen right there with you, this is no longer an issue!

4) You can get cool in less time than it takes to pack the car.

Wake up and it’s another scorching hot day? No worries, just run outside (pyjamas included) and dive straight into your pool, instantly cool down and relax. And then laugh at the rest of the people sweating it out in their cars on the way to the beach.

5) You can swim day or night.

At home on a Friday night and feeling like taking a swim? No worries, just open the door and walk out into your backyard … there you are. No need to worry about dangerous night swimming at the local beach when you can dive straight into your personal oasis.

6) You don’t have to worry about sharks, stingers or seaweed.

Never think about slimy, gross seaweed and sting-covered legs when owning a pool. Just watch out, of course, for maybe a few stray leaves!

7) You always know where the kids are.

It’s hard to keep track of a bunch of excited kids at the beach playing in the waves.  It’s hard not to lose them in the crowd of people. But with your own pool, you can sit back, relax with a book and know that your kids are playing safe.

8) You don’t have to go on vacation to get there.

No need to fill out that vacation form, apply for leave and count the hours you have saved to get your own swimming holiday. Each day you come home from work, just jump straight in and let the worries of the day wash away.

9) You won’t get swept out to sea.

Pools are much more forgiving than the ocean. Plus, you can even get swim jet systems to simulate resistance like you’d find in the ocean and never have to worry about getting swept away.

10) You can swim for kilometres and still be in the comfort of your own home.

Enjoy uninterrupted kilometres and kilometres of swimming back and forth without having to look out for other swimmers, beachgoers and surfers. Owning a pool means being able to zone out and swim to your hearts content!

If you’re as convinced as we are that a pool is much better than shipping off to the beach on a hot summer’s day, then head over and follow the simple steps to get a free quote for a pool from your local Leisure Pools dealer. Or if you’re still not convinced, apply for our Great Ideas Pack to see how beautiful a pool can look in your backyard!