Swimming is an excellent form of exercise, and it can be helpful to track your swimming progress. So, we put together a list of some of our favourite apps!

1. Swimming IO

Set and reach goals, track swims, and challenge and compare with friends (for iPhone).

2. My Swim Pro

Meet your new swim coach – Named the “App Of The Year” by Apple. Swim faster, get stronger, and improve your technique with MySwimPro. Get personal training plans, workouts, analytics and drills on your phone or smart watch. Available for Android and iPhone.

3. Swim4Gold

Have you ever wondered how well you would have done had you ever competed in historical swimming competitions? With Swim For Gold you can record your time for a swim event and see how you stack up against histories greatest swimmers, friends and yourself. Challenge yourself in the pool to get faster and earn “medals” from real historic competitions! Browse through swimming results from a variety of swimming competitions, with the ability to see medal winners and their time from the Olympics, Pan Am Games, FINA Swimming World Cup and many more. (For iPhone)

4. MySwimmingTimes

Using this app you will be able to track your progress in every swimming style and set motivational times to help you get to your goal. You can compare yourself to many records fro around the world and several categories. (For Android)

5. SwimSpeeds

The perfect app for the athletes wanting to know the distance, time, pace and speed quickly and log your workout details. A perfect calculator to determine your workouts distance, time, pace and speed quickly and easily. Also, log your workouts with calorie/kJ location, weather, elevation, Heart Rate, Activity, and Notes. (For iPhone)

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