At Leisure Pools, we seek to design pools that are beautiful with aesthetically pleasing lines and curves, while also staying on top of the latest trends in pool design.  In addition to modern pool designs, our pools are also packed with features.  Some of our pools offer large benches, while others offer splash pads or integrated spas.  We even offer Water Features, swim jet systems, bubbler jets, spa nooks, and more.  Plus, there are size options and we have seven great colour options too.  With all these choices, you may be wondering how you find the pool that is right for you.   We’ve created a list of questions you can ask yourself to help determine which pool in the Leisure Pools range of swimming pools is the best fit.

  •  What kind of space do you have available?  The amount of space you available to fit the pool could help determine not only the size but the type of pool.  Leisure Pools offers sizes that can fit nearly any space, from very large backyards to small, confined spaces.  For smaller spaces, one of our plunge pools like the Platinum Plunge or Fiji Plunge is a great fit, or even our Horizon vanishing edge pool.  For large spaces you may prefer one of our pools that offers longer lengths, like the Elegance.
  • Are there any challenges with the space?  If you have a backyard or space that is an odd shape, or challenging items to work around, a free form pool may be a good choice.  The curves of the pool can curve around to fit areas that you may not have thought you could fit a pool.  A great example of this is the Tuscany.
  • Do you prefer sleek, clean lines or do you prefer flowing curves?  A rectangular pool like the Leisure Pools’ Elegance, Reflection, Harmony, or Esprit will provide a sleeker look with beautiful lines.  However, if you prefer curves and a variety of landscaping options, then you might opt for the Allure, Riviera, or Tuscany.  Our Moroccan offer a little bit of both.
  • Who will be using the pool and what do they want to use it for?  Are you looking to swim laps in the pool?  Do you have kids who want to use it to play games?  Are you wanting to install a diving board?  Are you wanting an area where you can relax and bask in the sun?  Are you wanting a spa?  These are all good questions to ask yourself and your family.  For example, if you’re looking to swim laps, you may want a pool with an unobstructed swim corridor.  Or if you plan to have a diving board, you’ll want a pool with deeper depths.  If you would like the added benefit of a shallow area for tanning, you can opt for a pool with a splash pad or the addition of a tanning ledge.  Leisure Pools offers swimming pool designs that have all these great features.  You can choose a pool with just a couple of these features, or you can choose a pool like our Allure that offers many.
  • Will your family be growing in years to come?  Perhaps you have a small family right now but have plans for more children in the future–or grandchildren on the way.  That is something to consider in your pool selection.  While you may like a smaller pool for the time being, the addition of children or grandchildren might be a reason to choose a pool with some features you may not have originally considered.

The process of purchasing a pool is a very fun and memorable experience.  No matter which size or shape you choose from the Leisure Pools range of swimming pools, you can rest assured that you pool will provide you with a lifetime of enjoyment.  Contact Leisure Pools today ( and Get Swimming in Quality and Style!