2022 Halloween Ideas

2022 Halloween Ideas: 3 Ways to Use Your Pool This Halloween!

Be sure to remind your guests to park all brooms at the door this year when they come over for a spooktacular night using these 2022 Halloween Ideas. Whether you are planning to host an event, or simply want to spend some time with your family and friends, incorporating your pool into the occasion will make your home the talk of the neighbourhood. As the season changes and the weather begins to warm up, your pool will make the perfect addition to your Halloween plans. Discover how your backyard can become the centre of fun, laughter, and surprise when you invest in a Leisure Pool! Or if you already own a Leisure Pool, make the most of it with these exciting ideas!

Spooky Halloween Themed Lighting in your Leisure Pool

Create a spooky ambience using these 2022 Halloween ideas that will transform your regular Leisure Pool into an eerie abyss!

Pool Lights

For some of us, we wish Halloween was every day. If you’re a true Halloween-fanatic and want to enjoy the event all year round, invest in permanent fixtures with pool lights. Whether it is underwater lighting or additional feature lights, one of the best elements about these enhancements is that you can change the lighting depending on the theme of the night. To create a swampy lagoon simply set the lights to green. If you’re looking for a fang-tastic night, just adjust the lights to red.

Fairy Lights

The surrounds of your pools are just as important as the inside of the pool when it comes to decorating! Cool down in your pool under an array of orange coloured fairy lights. Let the twinkling lights transport you to a pumpkin field. Feel as though you’ve just finished take a stroll and relax in the soothing atmosphere under the twinkling lights.

2022 Halloween Ideas

2022 Halloween Ideas: Pool Décor

DIY Pool Noodle Lights

Many decorations you can easily create using supplies you already have around the house. Give your guest a ghostly greeting by creating some spooktacular battery operated pool noodle candles. Simply cut your pool noodle into different sized pieces and place battery operated fake candles in the opening. You can put these quirky DIY creations around both your home and poolside!

Create a Misty Lagoon

Use your Leisure Pool as a centre piece for your Halloween Pool Party. By placing a fog machine strategically away from harm of being knocked over or getting wet, you can create a spooktacular scene! Combined with some fake spiders and cobwebs, with this accessory you can further amaze your guests with your décor. It’s Halloween, everyone deserves a good scare!

Halloween Pool Floats

A themed pool float is the perfect way to enjoy Halloween all year long! You can find pool floats in all shapes and sizes, and they are the perfect addition to a relaxing afternoon by the pool. If you are wanting to go the extra mile, you can use plastic jack-o-lantern candy holders to create a floating pumpkin scene in your Leisure Pool.

2022 Halloween Ideas

Pro Tip

Don’t forget to consider the health of your pool when planning decorations! You should avoid placing small decorations in the pool since they can get stuck in your Skimmer Box. Also keep your pool water free of additional substances other than its regular pool chemicals to keep your pool happy and healthy.

2022 Halloween Ideas: Pool Games

What is Halloween night without games! Spend time with your family and friends by incorporating some spooky pool activities into the event.

Treasure Hunt

Keep the kids entertained with a dark-sea treasure hunt. The premise is easy, simply scatter some sinkable pool toys in the pool then have the players find them. Whoever finds all of the treasures first is the winner! Add some spooktacular prizes, such as Halloween candy, to bring some fun competition between players.

Spooky Movie Night

Set up a projector in your backyard and enjoy watching scary movies in the pool. Sit comfortably in the warm waters with your family and friends on your Halloween Pool Floats! But BEWARE… The first one to get a fright will get splashed!

It is impossible to count the ways in which you can use a Leisure Pool for your Halloween events! Tag us on Facebook or Instagram if you use any of these 2022 Halloween Ideas! A pool right outside in your backyard helps you to plan and achieve a memorable night full of fun and excitement. Whether or not you have a pool, it’s never too early to plan your future Halloween activities around it! Contact Leisure Pools online today or call 1300 SPLASH (775274) and Get Swimming in Quality and Style! And may your candy supply last you well into the holiday season!