Let there be love… and light! Create a gorgeous and mesmerising date night with romantic lighting by the pool to express a calm, amorous atmosphere.

Below we dive into different lighting tips for you to utilise in your pool space to create the ultimate romantic date.

1. Solar Powered Lights

To add an idyllic flair to your space, you don’t need to break the bank.

Budget friendlier alternatives to electrical wired lights are solar powered lights which can easily be found at your local hardware store – often in packs of 2 or more.

Our tip is to strategically place these lights around your space, focusing on features you’d like to accentuate.

Once you have finished your design, sit back for a relaxing night by the pool!

solar powered lights by the pool

2. Candles

Opposites attract! When water meets fire, the unlikely duo makes for a captivating pair.

When you think romantic, candles are usually at the top of the shopping list. Besides your scent choice, a flickering candle has a way of setting the mood. Pair that with the tranquil backdrop of water and you’ve got a picturesque setting.

You can light as many or as few as you want around your pool on an inflammable surface, allowing you to customise the lighting to match your mood.

 underwater pool lighting or additional feature lights

3. Pool Lights

For romantic lighting by the pool, you can invest in more permanent enhances to your space with pool lights. Whether it is underwater lighting or additional feature lights, these fixtures will illuminate your senses.

We recommend setting your lights to a warm toned colour. Warm colours are associated with heightened emotions and passion as well as joy and playfulness – perfect to set the tone for the night.

Or surprise your loved one with their favourite colour.

4. Floating Lights

Floating pool lights will add a splash of colour to your romantic date night by the pool.

The best floating pool lights will come in all different shapes and sizes. You will even be able to flick through different colours so you can customise to your experience.

5. Fairy Lights

Create an enchanting, romantic and mystical feeling with fairy lights. Enhance the natural twinkling glow of the stars by attaching the lights to the house, fences or a post.

The glistening sparkle from the lights will reflect from your pool, creating a magical space for you and your partner to enjoy.

fairy lights

The lighting ideas for your romantic night out by the swimming pool are endless! Having a pool right at your back doorstep allows for convenience and the ability to plan and execute the perfect evening to celebrate your love. Even if you don’t have a pool, it’s never too early to plan your future dates around having one! Contact Leisure Pools online today or call 1300 SPLASH (775274) and Get Swimming in Quality and Style!