Pools are like an amusement park, they provide endless hours of playtime. Think about all the different playful activities kids can pursue at the pool: many different pool games, diving contests, playing with pool tools, imagining they’re mermaids or pirates, playing with pool floats, having swimming races, learning to do flips or hand stands in the water…the list goes on. Having play time with others actually has many benefits. We’ve put together a list of the top four:

1. Building the Imagination

Pretending and imaginative play is an important part of development for kids. It helps kids work through the realities of day to day life, it helps them explore different scenarios and outcomes, and enables them to reflect issues they have trouble understanding. As you watch your kids imagine an underwater world full of fish or sharks at the pool, or pretend to be dolphins or mermaids, you can rest assured that this imaginative playfulness can benefit them in the long run.

2. Promoting Social Skills

Playing with other siblings or friends at the pool can improve children’s social skills. When playing with others, kids learn to communicate, express their emotions, share, cooperate and work out problems. This greatly helps later on as kids grow up. You can help your child or grandchild improve his or her social skills by inviting friends over or setting up play dates at the pool.

3. Advancing Physical Development

Playtime often is physical. At the pool, it can involve swimming, jumping in the water, throwing balls or pool toys or diving into the water. This can not only help kids be more physically fit, but can help them develop their coordination and balance.

4. Working Through Emotions

When playing with your child or grandchild, they might express a negative behavior. Perhaps the child tries to push you or cries when you play with their toy. Playing with your children, or watching them as they play with others provides the chance to work through these behaviors and help remedy them–to talk through the situation and how he or she can better express feelings and communicate.


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