At Leisure Pools, we embrace innovation and creativity. Our inspiration for colours comes from the beauty of nature. It is with this in mind that we developed our new pool colours: The Granitech Range. With four captivating colours — Opal, Azurite, Lavastone, and Topaz — these enchanting shades are guaranteed to evoke a sense of ultimate relaxation.

New Pool Colours


Exuding natural beauty and elegance, Opal inspires calmness and tranquility in your space. The versatility of Opal’s bright white base makes it the perfect central colour to complement a wide range of home and landscaping styles.

New Pool Gelcoat Colour Opal with Water


Echoing the hues of ocean waves, this mid-blue tone creates a refreshing and serene atmosphere, bringing tranquility and calmness to your pool area. Drawing on the timeless appeal of blue shades, Azurite is sure to be a popular choice.

New Pool Gelcoat Colour Azurite with Water


With its boldness and resemblance to natural rock formations, Lavastone becomes a true centrepiece. Its monochromatic hues evoke a sense of strength and balance, drawing inspiration from volcanic shorelines where black sand shimmers against the white foam of the sea.

New Pool Gelcoat Colour Lavastone with Water


This spectacular shade seamlessly blends with its surroundings, creating an authentic and harmonious environment as if you’ve immersed yourself in nature itself.

New Pool Gelcoat Colour with Water


We believe in delivering the best design without compromising on quality. The Granitech Range, like all the gelcoat colours we use at Leisure Pools, is of exceptional quality and guaranteed to provide you with a pool for a lifetime. We employ the Allnex AQUAGUARD® X Colour System, specially designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions.

In conclusion, The Granitech Range offers a harmonious fusion of nature-inspired colours and top-notch quality. With Opal, Azurite, Lavastone, and Topaz, you have a selection that embodies tranquility, elegance, and strength. Choose from this exceptional range and enjoy a lifetime of pool perfection.

For information and/or assistance in making the best selection for your pool, contact your local dealer. To find your local fibreglass pool dealer, call 1300 SPLASH or go to our Contact Us Page.