Making the decision to purchase a swimming pool is an exciting and momentous occasion, and some people have dreamed of owning a pool for many years. While taking this important step forward, it’s important to feel confident that the type of pool you buy will stand the test of time and provide years of worry-free ownership. A common question is: How long do swimming pools last?

  • Vinyl Liner Pool: A vinyl pool liner lacks durability. Most research shows the vinyl liner itself will only last about 6 – 12 years. A vinyl liner pool may cost less, but it’s higher maintenance and won’t last as long.
  • Concrete Pool: A concrete pool will last longer than a vinyl liner pool, but keep in mind, you’ll need to get it resurfaced about every 10 years. Plus, they’re higher maintenance and have higher chemical usage than a fibreglass pool.
  • Fibreglass Pool: Many fibreglass pools last 30 years or more. But, it often depends on the quality of the manufacturer. With a Leisure Pool, you can expect your pool to last a lifetime!

Here’s Why:

  • Surprising Strength: Leisure Pools fibreglass pools exceed the Australian Standards for shell thickness. The high tensile strength of fibreglass will allow the pool shell to flex without cracking to accommodate earth movement. No wonder airplane manufacturers are using fibreglass to build planes!
  • Low Maintenance: The gelcoat finish on a Leisure Pool not only looks great, its so easy to look after. The surface is smooth and non-porous so it cleans easily and is very stain resistant.
  • Composite Armour: Leisure Pools’ Composite Armour™ is a revolutionary new technology in composite swimming pool manufacturing. This patented technology is designed to significantly reinforce the composite swimming pool with a strategically integrated laminate that consists of a blend of DuPont™ Kevlar®, Carbon Fibre and Basalt Fibre. We call it our Core of Strength. By using Composite Armour™ in the pool shell laminate, Leisure Pools has been able to achieve tremendous improvement in flexural and tensile strength compared with normally constructed fibreglass pools. Testing shows that a Leisure Pools Composite Armour™ Vinyl Ester Resin Swimming Pool is 111% stronger than a standard fibreglass swimming pool.
  • Vinyl Ester Resin Construction: Leisure Pools manufactures each composite fibreglass swimming pool using Corrosive Resistant Vinyl Ester Resin for each layer of the swimming pool construction*. As a result of using Corrosive Resistant Vinyl Ester Resin for each layer of the swimming pool, Leisure Pools is able to offer a Lifetime Structural Warranty and Lifetime Structural Osmosis Warranty, making it the best available Warranty on the market today.


The most important single component in any swimming pool project is the actual pool shell itself. It contains the water you swim in and it becomes the centerpiece that you then build all of your landscaping, paving, patios, and lifestyle around.

Installing a swimming pool is a long-term investment and like us, our customers need to feel confident that what they’re putting in the ground as their main feature needs to be strong, durable and will stand the test of time. The selection of a quality pool shell is a critical decision that you must get right. Unfortunately, there are many manufacturers who say that they build a quality swimming pool shell but in practice they do not.

Leisure Pools has never been satisfied with just building a good swimming pool. Our aim has always been to build the best composite pool. Leisure Pools continued investment in research and development has resulted in what we consider to be the world’s best composite swimming pool.

We are so certain that we build the world’s best composite pool that we offer a Lifetime Structural Warranty and Lifetime Structural Osmosis Warranty on all of our Swimming Pools. We call these two warranties our Leisure Pools Warranty.

Ready to start the pool buying process? Contact Leisure Pools today ( and Get Swimming in Quality and Style.