Did you know owning a swimming pool can change your life in many positive ways that you may not have considered? We put together the very best reasons to own a pool.

1. Pools Bring Families Together

Whether it’s just you and your spouse or partner, or you have kids at home, it can be difficult to find time and activities that everyone wants to spend together. A pool provides a place for everyone to come together and relax, dine, play or be entertained. Unlike having to drive to a community pool, restaurant, or movie theatre for entertainment, a pool is convenient and just feet or yards from your door. A pool is also something every family member, no matter their age, can enjoy. Also, when you own a pool, it provides an added bonus for out-of-town family to enjoy when they come visit. Think of all the great family memories and experiences you can have at your pool!

2. Experience Your Kids Growing Up

For those with small children, your backyard pool provides the opportunity to watch your kids grow up. You’re able to experience your kids as babies learning to swim and in awe of the water. Then there’s the experience of your child swimming on their own the first time, followed by watching them learn fun pool games and enjoy their friends. Looking back, you’ll remember all the fond memories of your children at different ages having a blast and learning valuable skills in the pool.

3. Pools Provide Fun Entertainment

Instead of having get-together indoors, pools provide the perfect setting for a party or reunion. The party possibilities are endless and never boring. Whether you choose a fun evening of cocktails by your beautiful pool under the setting sun, or a luau theme with tiki torches, Caribbean inspired drinks, and tropical flare, your parties will be so much more fun and exciting by the pool.

4. Pools Keep You Healthy and Fit

Swimming is a great cardiovascular exercise that works and tones your entire body. It also burns a lot of calories. When you own a pool, you can enjoy swimming in the crystal waters of your own pool instead of having to go to the gym every day. It’s a also a great exercise to do outdoors when it’s hot. In addition to swimming, there’s water jogging, pool sports and water aerobics.

5. Pools Bring Couples Together

Pools can be very romantic. Instead of going out for date night, think of all the romantic possibilities: slow dancing by the pool, enjoying a night-time swim, candle light pool-side dinner for two, and many more. Pool lighting, decorations, and music can provide the perfect ambiance for a memorable date night by the pool with your significant other or spouse.

6. Pools Save Time

Do you get tired of packing up your family’s pool bag and driving to the pool? When you own a backyard pool, it’s just steps from your back door. It’s super convenient. And if you forget something, you don’t have to drive home and get it.

7. Pools Help You Relax and De-Stress

Stress is unhealthy and can cause a myriad of medical problems. When you own a pool, it provides the perfect place to relax and unwind after a busy day or work week. Overtime you’ll find your stress level decreases and it can even lead to better sleep and an improved mood.

These have been the very best reasons to own a pool.

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