The majority of Leisure Pools have an area in the swimming pool that can be converted into a spa nook. The spa nook works quite simply but can prove highly effective in creating a new feature for your swimming pool.

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Spa Nook

The water that is normally returned to the swimming pool after filtration through the two shallow end eye ball jets is diverted by means of a 3 way valve to the spa nook.

The spa jets are a different type of jet to the standard swimming pool return jet.

The spa jets concentrate the flow of water and combine it with air to provide a pulsating massaging effect that is not only relaxing and soothing but also beneficial to mind and body, at the same time creating an added feature to your new swimming pool.

The force of the spa jet can be regulated by the 3 way valve and also the air venture which allows you to get the effect that you want.

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Spa Nook Blowers

You can also go a step further and have air bubbles come through the seat of the spa nook.

This can occur with fitting a blower to the pool.

The blower combined with the spa jets will give you a complete spa experience.


  • The AstralPool Blowers have powerful two stage motors for high head performance
  • Sound insulated
  • 12 month warranty

Model Details:

  • SX 1200 Watt Blower – 6 amps
  • SX 1200 Watt Blower with Air Switch – 6 amps
  • 3 Speed Air Switch Controller – Max 7 amps


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