When considering a swimming pool one option that is a must is the installation of underwater lighting.

When the sun goes down after enjoying the swimming pool for the day there is nothing more spectacular in a backyard than a swimming pool lit up at night with underwater lighting.  A swimming pool with underwater lighting can really add to the ambience of your backyard when you are entertaining.

Underwater lighting is a must if you wish to swim in your swimming pool at night.  When the sun has gone down and you still can’t get the kids out of the swimming pool underwater lighting is a must so that swimmers can see the steps and benches in the swimming pool.

The Leisure Pools range of swimming pools is ideal for underwater lighting.  The Leisure Pools SMART colour range really sparkles at night when being lit up with underwater lighting.

One trick of the trade to remember is that when you are positioning underwater lights in the pool always situate those lights so that they shine away from the house rather than towards the house.  This way at night you get the affect of a glowing swimming pool rather than 2 or 3 bright lights directed at your entertaining area from the swimming pool.

Leisure Pools offers a range of underwater lighting with each swimming pool.  One of the latest advancements are colour changing LED lights that provide a multitude of colour lighting options at night.

With a lighting option you can enjoy your swimming pool day or night!