The Leisure Pools Equipment Cover is a neat and unique asset to your outdoor space, designed to protect your valuable pool filtration equipment and keep it all neatly out of sight.

Many pieces of pool filtration particularly sensitive electrical equipment like salt chlorinators, light transformers, pool pumps and the like can be damaged by being left out in the sun and rain. This pool filtration enclosure is made from durable fibreglass and will ensure that your valuable pool equipment will be protected from the harsh weather conditions for many years to come.

Not only this, the equipment cover has significant sound dampening qualities that will allow you to locate your pool equipment even in sound
sensitive areas like outside bedrooms or near neighbours.

The Leisure Pools Equipment Cover is an attractive design and comes standard in a smooth beige finish that blends with most home decors.

Most of your pool cleaning equipment, toys, even some of your pool chemicals can be conveniently stored in your Equipment Cover out of sight and neat and tidy.

Equipment Cover Specifications 
Length:   1.44m
Height:   1.20m
Depth:    0.98m

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