The Dolphin S150 is an easy-to-use robot that intelligently adapts itself to any pool, to achieve the best possible results for the specific pool shape and surface type.

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Maytronics Dolphin Robot Cleaner

Experience superior pool cleaning with this advanced new robot. With its ultra-light weight and quick water release, the Dolphin S150 is super-easy to handle. Efficient filtration captures all types of dirt and debris. The active brushing action and the PowerStream Mobility System ensure efficient pool coverage, with extra-thorough scrubbing on all surfaces – leaving the floor, walls and waterline spotlessly clean.

Enjoy an easy and relaxing pool cleaning experience.

Dolphin S robots are designed by Maytronics to do all the hard work – providing incredible cleaning performance and efficiency.

Leave it all to a Dolphin S150, and enjoy:

Effortless operation
– Top-access filtration system – with quick, no-mess emptying and washing
– Lightweight, easy handling
– Fast, debris-free water release

Crystal-clear cleaning results
– Multi-layer filtration with fine and ultra-fine dirt capture
– Active brush rotates
– Complete coverage of all pool surfaces – with PowerStream mobility system
– Self-learning robot adapts to the pool shape and surface for optimal cleaning results

Peace of mind
– Proven reliability – made by Maytronics, the world leader in robotic pool cleaners
– Certified ISO 9001 quality standards
– 24 month warranty

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