When you think of pools, hot weather and summer comes to mind. For this reason, many people often wait until a heat wave hits before they start the pool buying process. While Leisure Pools composite fibreglass swimming pools are quick to install, it’s beneficial to have plenty of time to consider all the different choices available. If you wait until summer, by the time you make a decision, you’ll have missed a critical window to truly enjoy your pool during the warmest weather. So surprisingly, winter is a great time to start the pool buying process! We’ve put together a list of three big reasons why winter is the perfect time to buy a pool:

1.  Swimming by summer

As we mentioned above, purchasing a pool in the winter provides plenty of time to have your pool selected and installed by the time warm weather hits so that you don’t miss any of the prime season for enjoying your pool. Instead of being in the middle of the installation process during the summer, you’ll be relaxing by your beautiful, new pool and enjoying the sunshine instead.

2.  No rush

Purchasing a pool is a very special and memorable experience that you’ll look back on fondly for years to come. Your pool is unique to tastes and needs, and also your backyard landscape. There are many options to consider.  Not only is there the design of the pool, but the size and colour. One of the most fun aspects of purchasing a pool is choosing other features to go along with it like decking, water features, fencing or wall panels and creative landscaping, making your backyard uniquely yours.

By purchasing a pool in the winter, you don’t have to rush this process, nor do you have to rush the installation.

3.  Great value

Since the winter time can be a slower season for some pool builders, this is a good time to investigate if there are any specials on offer.  Ask your local dealer if they are offering any specials over Winter.

4.  Good timing

By having the build process take place during the winter, you’ll be able to stay inside enjoying the warmth. During the summer, you’ll more than likely want to be outside in your backyard which is a bit more difficult when your pool is being built.

5.  Look forward to fun

It’s always fun to look forward to summer, but imagine how much more fun it will be when you know you have a brand new swimming pool to look forward to!


Leisure Pools offers modern and aesthetically pleasing pool designs that are packed with features and certain to appeal to any need or desire. Our pools also come in a variety of stunning gelcoat colours, each with a built-in sparkle. Start now and prepare for summer by planning your pool purchase. By summer, you can be lounging and enjoying your own, beautiful backyard pool. Contact Leisure Pools today (www.leisurepools.com.au) and Get Swimming in Quality and Style.