Perhaps you’re dreaming of owning a swimming pool–or even taking the steps to begin the pool purchase process. The first question many people have is: What kinds of pools are there and what are the benefits and draw backs of each? At Leisure Pools, we often explain the options available to potential owners, and why we choose and stand behind composite fibreglass swimming pools. Read more in this Q&A to discover the qualities and benefits of each type.

Q: What are the types of pools to choose from?

A: There are three main types of pools including fibreglass, concrete (or gunite) and vinyl liner pools.


Q: Which type of the pool is the easiest and fastest to install?

A: A composite fibreglass swimming pool, like we produce at Leisure Pools, can be installed faster than a concrete/gunite pool because the shell of the pool is already made and delivered to your home for installation. A fibreglass pool can be installed in a matter of days whereas a concrete pool can take months. Keep in mind that while a swimming pool is being installed, your backyard will be in disorder and not very attractive, so a shorter installation period is ideal.


Q: Durability is important. Which type of pool has a longer lifespan?

A: The least durable pool is a vinyl liner pool since the liner can be punctured and can require replacement. Replacing a vinyl liner can be costly. At Leisure Pools, we stand behind our durability and believe pools should last a lifetime. That’s why with our composite fibreglass pools we provide a lifetime structural warranty and our Composite Armour construction allows to offer a lifetime structural osmosis warranty. Also, Leisure Pools are made with high-performance vinyl ester resin as opposed to polyester resin, making our pools stronger. We believe pool owners should have the peace of mind that their pool will remain strong and durable.


Q: What about cost? Which type of pool is least expensive?

A: A vinyl liner pool is going to be least expensive. However, keep in mind up-keep and durability. While a vinyl liner pool is least expensive, you may have to replace the liner multiple times and algae can be more likely to occur. A Leisure Pools swimming pool may cost more, but it will provide years of worry-free ownership.


Q: I want a pool that’s easy to maintain. Which type of pool should I choose?

A. Fibreglass. The reason is that a vinyl liner pool and concrete is porous, creating more algae to clean and require more chemicals. Also, it’s more difficult to maintain pH levels in a concrete pool because concrete increases the pH of the water. Leisure Pools gelcoat not only provides a beautiful range of colour options, but is also non-porous and doesn’t leach anything into the pool water, making it an easier swimming pool to maintain. It is also UV, blister and chemical resistant.


Q: Which type of pool is more aesthetically pleasing?

A: Everyone has their own tastes and preferences, so there is no definitive answer. However, at Leisure Pools we seek to design pools that are stunningly beautiful and will transform a homeowner’s backyard into a serene and gorgeous setting. We have pool design options to fit any aesthetic, from sleek and modern to soft, flowing curves–and our pools are packed with features. Our gelcoat colours allow homeowners to choose a color that best fits the look and feel of their home and outdoor space. Click here to view all the beautiful design options.


If you’re still looking for more information on the benefits of a fiberglass swimming pool, check out this list of top 10 benefits of fibreglass pools provide.

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