One of the exciting things about pool ownership is that you can make it uniquely your own.  Maybe you have children who would love the thrill of a water slide or diving board, or you have a passion for cooking and would enjoy a pool-side kitchen.  Whatever your interest or need may be, there are many fun additions you can make that can turn your pool space into your own special paradise.  Let’s take a look at some of the great additions that can be made:

1.  Water Slide

Do you remember as a child the fun and excitement you had when going down water slides?  Whether you have kids who will enjoy it, or you’re looking to bring out your inner-child, a water slide can be a fun addition to a pool.

2.  Diving Board

Owning a pool can provide a lot of entertainment options from pool games to competitions–like a cannon ball or diving contest!  Diving boards can be a fun addition that can make those cannon ball contests even more exciting.

3.  Outdoor Kitchen

For those who enjoy cooking and entertaining friends and family, it can be cumbersome doing all the cooking indoors when everyone else is at the pool.  An outdoor kitchen provides the convenience of being able to do all your cooking pool-side!

4.  Tanning Ledge

The Leisure Pools Tanning Ledge provides a consistent shallow depth that is perfect for young children to play in, or for adults to relax and bask in the sun.

5.  Pool and Spa Combination

What’s better than one pool?  How about a pool and spa combination?  A spa can provide relaxing, soothing benefits.  When it’s too chilly to get in the pool, the spa offers a warmer option.

6.  Water Feature

Not only are Water Features stunning, but they also provide the tranquil sound of running water.  Leisure Pools offers a variety of Water Feature options:

7.  Wall Panels/Fencing

Adding a fence or Wall Panels can provide not only privacy, but a beautiful look as well.

8.  Landscaping

The right landscaping can turn your backyard from ordinary to a lovely oasis.  There are many options to consider like plant choices, placement, and even options like terraces.

9.  Shaded Area

On hot, sunny days, having a shaded area is useful, and can also be a beautiful addition.  It could be a covered patio, outdoor furniture with umbrellas, or a shaded shelter.  For added beauty, you can decorate it with lights and colourful plants.

10.  Lights

Pool and landscape lighting can create a stunning ambiance so that your pool is not only a great place for sunny days, but night time too.

Going the pool buying process, and owning a swimming pool, is a very memorable and exciting experience.  There are many options to choose from that will enable you to make your pool and backyard the perfect paradise to fit all your needs and desires.  Take the first step towards pool ownership by contacting Leisure Pools today ( and Get Swimming in Quality and Style.