When it comes to getting outdoors, you may think of how you’re always telling your kids to turn off the television and get outside–but adults often don’t spend nearly enough time outdoors either.  Many adults are stuck in an office, and even work out indoors, and rarely get outside to enjoy fresh air.  Most people know outdoor recreation provides valuable benefits like health and fitness, but did you know outdoor recreation can also have intellectual, social, and emotional benefits too?


Outdoor activities lead to an increased confidence, improved creativity and better self-esteem. Natural settings rejuvenate and calm the mind and improve outlook. In contrast, artificial environments may cause feelings of exhaustion, irritability, inattentiveness and impulsivity, according to Resources for the Future.  Spending time outdoors in your backyard pool, breathing fresh air and enjoying the surrounding nature can actually help you focus and improve your performance at work!


Along with an increase in physical activity, outdoor recreation offers the chance to socialize, an important benefit in itself.  This can create positive experiences.  Social interaction is an important skill, as it also leads to better communication.  A key skill both at home, and on the job.


Enjoying the outdoors can improve your mood, as well as reduce stress, anxiety and depression.  It’s been proven to reduce cortisol levels, a hormone that releases when the body feels stress.


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