A hot trend right now is automatic pool covers. This is a great trend for pool owners as it’s provides ease and convenience. You don’t have to wrestle with taking a pool cover on and off your pool and having a place to store it, and it makes keeping your pool clean a whole lot easier. Cleanliness isn’t the only benefit though. A pool cover also provides these benefits:

  • If you have small children, it provides an added layer of safety since it can prevent them from falling into the pool if they find a way into the pool space. The Leisure Pools’ auto cover is surprisingly strong–you can even walk on it!
  • If your pool is heated, a cover helps keep the heat in when you’re not using it.
  • Since the cover keeps dirt and debris out of your pool, it can reduce the energy cost of the swimming pool filtration.
  • The cover also helps reduce evaporation so less water is needed to keep your pool filled.

If you feel an auto cover is the right fit for you, we have a pool design with a built-in automatic cover:

The Reflection with Auto Cover

Leisure Pools has taken this stylish rectangular swimming pool to the next level by adding a built-in housing for an automated pool cover.

Perfect for a variety of climates and surrounds, this design not only offers a tidy environment to store the cover, but also creates efficient use of space by having it built into the pool.

While still maintaining the great benefits of the Reflection range with its entry steps perfectly positioned at both ends of the pool with a full length bench seat to suit a variety of purposes, without compromising space for swimming, the Reflection Plus Auto Cover really is the perfect pool.

It comes in three great lengths to choose from too!


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