The word ‘Quality’ can be overused these days and often lose it’s meaning. Leisure Pools not only value the notion of Quality, but have taken measures on an ongoing basis to prove we manufacture a truly superior product.


Leisure Pools has created the Leisure Pools Technical Centre to add to the research, development and testing of all Leisure Pools products. Leisure Pools is the only company to have invested heavily into this level of quality control, and have done so because in order to provide a Lifetime Structural Warranty we need to ensure that we are at the top of our game in the product that we provide.

Whilst a great deal of technical information is available to you when you do your research on what swimming pool to buy, the most important factor in choosing a pool is whether your pool will last the test of time. A swimming pool is a great investment both for your family and the value of your property however it is important not to assume all pools are the same as they are not.

With Leisure Pools you are purchasing a swimming pool that will last.

Quality Control


To ensure Leisure Pools has the best Quality Control in the business we have created the Leisure Pools Technical Centre at our Manufacturing Facility. This Centre was designed in order to provide a facility for both continued research and development as well as ensuring that each Leisure Pools swimming pool is manufactured to the highest standard.

The Leisure Pools Technical Centre is managed by Leisure Pools Technical Manager, Dr David Rogers. Dr Rogers is a polymer chemist with a PhD in resin chemistry. If you purchase a Leisure Pool, have confidence that Dr Rogers and his staff would have tested your swimming pool to ensure that it meets all of Leisure Pools stringent internal quality control checks.

The Leisure Pools Technical Centre also works with Universities with an on-going program of mentoring University Students in the field of composites.

Leisure Pools has an ongoing goal of continuing to innovate in the exciting field of composites not only for swimming pools but also other composite applications.

Quality Control

Technical Centre

Rather than say that our swimming pools are a quality swimming pool we would prefer to explain what our Quality Program entails.

Leisure Pools has on staff a Polymer Chemist who manages the Leisure Pools Technical Centre.

Leisure Pools ensures quality of incoming raw materials by batch testing against benchmarked materials using an FTIR Spectrometer.

Leisure Pools Technical Centre cuts a section out of every swimming pool manufactured (where the skimmer box of the pool is located) to undertake the following tests:

  • Flexural and Tensile Strength Test
  • Cure Percentage Tests of each Layer
  • Barcol Hardness Testing
  • Boil Testing of Laminates (random samples)
  • Burn Testing of Laminates (random samples)

Leisure Pools weighs all materials to ensure correct quantities have been applied to each swimming pool.

Leisure Pools uses an Ultra Sonic Thickness Test device to thickness test a random sample of our pools in multiple key locations over the swimming pool to ensure compliance against the Leisure Pools Benchmark.

Leisure Pools Swimming

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