At Leisure Pools, we pride ourselves in innovation and modern design.  However, swimming pools themselves are not all that modern.  Let’s take a look at some elements that have stood the test of time, and that you may still find in modern swimming pools.

1.The Great Bath of Mojenjodaro

Built more than 5,000 years ago, it is believed that this bath was built for religious ceremonies.  Despite the fact that it was not built for recreation, the bath boasts features that even Leisure Pools’ swimming pools possess like an array of benches and steps.  They even created terraced decking which can be found in modern day backyard pools.

2. Roman Baths

The Roman city of Bath in England is a site of historical interest.  Built around 70 AD, it is considered the first heated swimming pool with baths being fed by hot springs.  The engineering involved in the bath houses, which spread to major cities, is considered one of Rome’s greatest innovations.  Today you can enjoy the same heated feature with a heated pool or Leisure Pools’ Sorrento Spa or Capri Spa.

3. Popularity Grows in Great Britain

Swimming pools began to grow increasingly more popular in Great Britain in the 19th century.  As early as 1837, six indoor swimming pools existed in England with diving boards.  The first swimming pool club was formed in Maidstone, Kent in 1844.  Choose a Leisure Pools swimming pool with deeper depths and add a diving board!

4. 20th Century Innovation

In the 20th century, water quality began to be maintained through filtration and chlorination, which we continue today.  Even in the 1920s and 30s, pools retained characteristics of the Roman baths, including shape and intricate tiling.

5. Post World War II

Today’s modern swimming pool industry began to grow after World War II.  Pool demand began to escalate along with more innovations in design like free form pools.

6. The Rise of Fibreglass Pools

Think fibreglass pools are a more recent trend?  It actually dates back to 1957!  Since then, composite fibreglass pools have become a popular and desirable option.

While our pools have modern design traits like pool and spa combinations, tanning ledges and a vibrant gelcoat colour range, you may see some design features that have stood the test of time and date all the way back to 5,000 years ago!  Learn more about Leisure Pools’ innovation and options by contacting us today ( and Get Swimming in Quality and Style.