At Leisure Pools, we seek to have pool owners enjoy a Life of Leisure with our array of beautiful swimming pools. We pride ourselves in producing pools that are not only innovative and functional, but are stunning to look at. This video provides a taste of how a Leisure Pool can transform your home into a beautiful and serene paradise.

The video shows how beautiful these pools can be, but you may be wondering exactly what makes these pools stand out:

1. Elegant, Modern Designs


Leisure Pools offers a vast array of swimming pool designs that can fit nearly any taste. Those who desire a modern pool with aesthetically pleasing lines will love our rectangular pool designs like the Elegance, Reflection, Icon or Harmony. If soft, flowing curves are desired, then our free form pools like the Allure, Riviera or Tuscany are a great choice. We also have more traditional designs like the Courtyard Roman.

2. Numerous Features

Our pools are packed with features that match the uses for your pool. For example, we have deeper pools that can accommodate a diving board, or pools with unobstructed swim corridors for lap swimming. For those who entertain, you’ll be pleased to find that our pools also have ample seating. If you prefer a more simplistic design, you may like the the Reflection or Moroccan. However, for those who like a pool with tons of great features, the Absolute, Allure, Acclaim and Europa provide splash decks and some even have built-spas.

3. Sleek Surface

Diamond Sand

Leisure Pools are composite fibreglass pools. Unlike a concrete pool, the surface of the pool is smooth and sleek, providing a beautiful finish and that won’t scratch or cause abrasions.

4. Stunning Colour Range

When purchasing a Leisure Pool, you can choose from six gelcoat colours. Each colour is vibrant has a built-in sparkle that looks like millions of diamonds shimmering across the surface when the light hits the water. The Leisure Pools Colour Range not only looks beautiful, but also has excellent UV, blister, and chemical resistance, and is backed by the largest supplier of gelcoats for the swimming pool industry.

5. Beautiful Additions


Imagine relaxing by your pool with the soothing sound of water. Water Features are not only beautiful to look at with the cascading water, but can be customised to fit your colour palate and taste. Leisure Pools Water Features are offered in a variety of sizes and colours–you can even tile or clad them to complement your pool space. Another addition you can add to your pool space are our spas. Think how stunning your pool space will be with not only a pool and cascading water fall, but also a spa!

6. Landscaping

Mackay - Tuscany 8.65m Sapphire Blue

With a Leisure Pools swimming pool, our designs provide many landscaping options. We can even help you choose a pool design that disrupts your current landscaping as little as possible, ensuring you maintain a lovely backyard.


You can be on your way to have a breathtaking backyard and living a Life of Leisure. Contact Leisure Pools today ( and Get Swimming in Quality and Style.