Leisure Pools Quality Control 

Leisure Pools take immense pride in the unrivaled quality of their pools. A rigorous quality control process is imperative to give you the pool you deserve.

At the Leisure Pools Technical Center we undertake the following procedures:

  • Leisure Pools ensures quality of incoming raw materials by batch testing against benchmarked materials using an FTIR Spectrometer
  • Leisure Pools Technical Center cuts a section out of every swimming pool manufactured (where the skimmer box for the pool is located) to undertake the following test:
    • Flexural and Tensile Strength Tests
    • Cure Percentage Tests of each Layer
    • Barcol Hardness Testing
    • Boil Testing of Laminates (random samples)
    • Burn Testing of Laminates (random samples)
  • Leisure Pools weighs all materials to ensure correct quantities have been applied to each swimming pool
  • Leisure Pools uses an Ultra Sonic Thickness Testing device to thickness test the swimming pool in multiple key locations over the swimming pool to ensure compliance against the Leisure Pools benchmark

Leisure Pools is the only company to have invested heavily into this level of quality control.  Leisure Pools has done this because in order to provide a Lifetime Structural Warranty we need to ensure that we are at the top of our game in the product that we provide.

Why is a Quality Swimming Pool Your Most Important Decision?
It is critical for a swimming pool customer to use a quality
fibreglass swimming pool.  If a fibreglass swimming pool manufacturer does not have proven quality control systems in place then you are risking your investment in a swimming pool.