You may have never considered owning a swimming pool due to the size of your backyard:  perhaps your backyard is very small, or maybe it’s an odd shaped space.  Luckily Leisure Pools offers a wide variety of pool ranges that can fit virtually any space.  If you’re a swimming pool enthusiast, but never thought installing a pool in your backyard was possible, check out these great pool ranges by Leisure Pools.

Freeform Pools:

Some homeowners may face having a backyard space that is challenging.  Leisure Pools freeform pools, like the Tuscany, can adapt to well to areas like difficult corner sites–where freeform shapes afford considerable versatility of placement.  Freeform pool allow you to manoeuvre the pool into places that many other more formal shapes, or rectangular pools, won’t fit.  The Tuscany is offered in two great sizes:  8.65m in length and 4.10m wide, or 7.00m in length and 3.50m wide.

Courtyard Pools:  

Leisure Pools offers the Courtyard Roman that is smaller in size, yet packed with features like a swim jet system for working out or the curved seating area where spa jets can be installed for massaging hydrotherapy.  It’s a small yet very versatile pool that can be used for entertainment, exercise, relaxation, or a courtyard centrepiece.  The pool is 6m in length and 3.50m wide with a depth of 1.54m.

Plunge Pools:

In many areas these days, the available space for a swimming pool is becoming limited.  For homeowners with very small backyards or lots, your dream of owning a swimming pool can still be possible with Plunge Pools.  Leisure Pools offers the Platinum PlungeFiji Plunge and Olympus.  These pools are modern and stylish, yet can be installed in a limited area of space.  The Platinum Plunge is available in 3 lengths (4.98m, 4.46m, and 3.50m) with a width of 3.50 and depth of 1.60m.  This pool has convenient entry steps on either side with a bench seat between the steps that can have spa jets and seat aeration fitted.  It also has a flat bottom which allows for exercise or for kids to play.  The Fiji Plunge is 2.90m in length and 2.10m wide with a depth of 1.35m.  This pool is perfect for smaller spaces and offers a formal design with a long bench down one wall allowing you to sit and relax.  The bench is perfect for the addition of spa jets to enjoy the benefits of rushing water on your body.  The Fiji Plunge’s compact size will fit in just about any size backyard and the bench seat allows the pool to be installed very close to your house or boundary fence.  The Olympus is 4.60m in length and 2.20m wide and can be turned into an exercise centre with the addition of swim jets.


When facing even smaller spaces, a spa can be a nice fit.  Spas offer many benefits from relaxation, to improved sleep, to minimising the pain of arthritis, joint pain, and muscle soreness.  Leisure Pools offers the Sorrento Spa and Capri Spa ranges.  The Sorrento Spa has many seating options that can be fitted with a number of different spa jet combinations.    The Capri Spa is a beautiful, compact spa with a seat around all sides that can also be fitted with spa jets.  The Sorrento Spa is 2.20m in length and 2.20m wide and the Capri Spa is 1.80m in length and 1.60m wide.

Swim Spas:

Why not have the best of both worlds–a pool and a spa!  Leisure Pools’ Sorrento Swim Spa is in fact a Twin Zone pool that is divided into a Spa section and a Swim section, separated by a spill over bridge between the two sections. The Spa section is a full size spa with ample seating for 6 adults and includes 2 contoured turbo seats.  The pool is an ideal size for effective heating and both sections can be heated independently of each other.  Total length is 5.75m and width is 2.20m, allowing it to conveniently fit in a courtyard, roof top, or patio.

While these pools and spas are great for fitting into challenging or small areas, Leisure Pools offers a number of ranges of larger pools as well with a variety of shapes and features.  Contact Leisure Pools today ( and Get Swimming in Quality and Style.