If you are a little tight on your budget for your swimming pool one area that you can save some money initially on is landscaping.

It is important to get the right sized swimming pool with the features that you really want first before spending money on landscaping.  The reason being is that everything is built around the swimming pool and it is the one item you cannot replace or change your mind once installed.

You can always add more decking or paving around the swimming pool at a later time and when your budget permits.  Similarly, you can decide to do a very basic landscaping package initially yourself and once you have the budget you can then take it up a level.

The same can be said in terms of the quality of the fibreglass swimming pool shell itself.  This is one area that you cannot afford to take short cuts as once that fibreglass swimming pool is installed everything is then built around it.  For that fibreglass swimming pool to fail would put the rest of your investment around that swimming pool at risk.

That is why at Leisure Pools we have invested so heavily in superior quality controls and manufacturing technology with our Composite Armour™ full vinyl ester resin swimming pool so that we can provide a Lifetime Structural Warranty and Lifetime Structural Osmosis Warranty.

Trust us, not all fibreglass swimming pools are built the same so you must ensure that you select the right manufactured fibreglass swimming pool in order to receive years of trouble free enjoyment.