Self-care has become a buzz word these days. Many people think that treating themselves every now and then is self-care, but self-care is so much more. According to this article by Psychology Today, self-care is not a one-time act, but a mind set and ongoing process. If you’re a busy body, workaholic or schedule fanatic, it’s probably time to adjust your perception of self-care and make it a permanent and integral part of your daily life. Ongoing self-care can be small things, like listening to music that relaxes you every day or taking 15 minutes to yourself just to breathe and unwind when you first come home from work. A swimming pool can be an important asset when it comes from to self-care. Here are 8 reasons why.

These are some ways to practice self-care, and how a pool can help:

1. Have Some “Me” Time

It’s easy to get into a pattern of serving others and to forget to make time for yourself, especially if you have a demanding job or a family with children. It’s important, and healthy, to have alone time that you can use to recharge and do what makes you happy. A swimming pool offers a serene and peaceful space, just steps from your door, where you can take that time away from your hectic life and plan some alone time.

2. Do What You Find Enjoyable

What is comforting to you? For some people, it’s reading, for others it’s meditation, yoga or listening to motivational podcasts. A pool can provide a great location to enjoy these activities that are comforting. Instead of meditating or reading outdoors, with a pool you can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine–and maybe even get a tan in the process!

3. Unplug 

One of the great things about using a swimming pool, whether it’s swimming, relaxing in the water or playing with your kids is that it requires you to unplug from your computer, phone or tablet. When you’re using your pool, try to enjoy that time away from social media, notifications, emails and the stresses that come with it.

4. A Little R&R

Hard work has its benefits, but without rest and relaxation, your body and mind won’t function as well. Taking time in the evenings or weekends to rest by the pool can help you recharge. You may find the added rest enables you to be sharper and perform even better!

5. Spend Time with People Who Care About You

It’s beneficial to spend time alone, but spending time with the people you love who care about you and support you can improve happiness and wellbeing. A swimming pool provides a great gathering place for friends and family, and something anyone, any age, can enjoy.

6. Exercise

Regular exercise can help you become more physically fit, but that’s not the only benefit. Exercise can help reduce stress and improve your overall health, leading to a longer life. Pools are great if you like to swim, but there are many other types of exercise you can enjoy in a pool like water aerobics, water jogging or pool sports like pool volleyball or basketball.

7. Listen to Music That Makes You Feel Good

Are there songs that make you happy or you find relaxing? Make a playlist for when you’re relaxing by the pool that has these songs.

8. Have Weekly or Even Monthly Spa Days

When you own a pool, you don’t have to book an appointment and drive to a spa–you can have a spa day at home. Leisure Pools offers several pool designs with a built-in spa that provides warm, massaging water, or you can choose a pool design without a built-in spa and add our Sorrento Spa. While you’re relaxing by the pool you can rest with a hydrating mask on your face and listen to relaxing music.

9. Treat Yourself to Something Meaningful

Being fiscally responsible is an important part of taking care of yourself and your family, but if you have the means, it’s ok to splurge on yourself. In fact, the Time Magazine article “When It’s OK to Splurge on Yourself,” describes how Wells Fargo found that the biggest regret of affluent people is that they didn’t enjoy their money more. A swimming pool does cost money, but it provides something you’ll enjoy for a lifetime as well as all the health and wellness benefits that come with it. Many homeowners also look at it as an investment since it can increase your home’s value.

10. Enjoy the Outdoors and Sunshine

Did you know spending time outdoors around trees and nature can improve your cognitive functioning? The Business Insider article “11 Scientific Reasons Your Should Be Spending More Time Outside,” shares the great outdoors can improve mental health and provide improved creative thinking, concentration and brain functioning. Being outdoors by your pool also provides the added benefit of sunshine and vitamin D which is vital for bone health and cancer and diabetes prevention.


As you prepare for the remainder of 2019, keep ongoing self-care in mind and make it a priority. Are you ready to enjoy self-care with a swimming pool and enjoy a life of leisure? Contact Leisure Pools today ( and Get Swimming in Quality and Style.