Are your work outs getting boring?  Change it up and make a splash by moving your work outs to the pool.  Water is one of the best fitness tools because it provides resistance and strengthens muscles and the heart, providing a great cardiovascular work out.  It also creates full body results including legs, abdominals, chest, back, arms, and shoulders.   Pool exercises are also beneficial for seniors suffering from arthritis and joint pain.  Exercising in the water is low impact and easier on the joints.

Try out these exercises in the pool:

  1. Water Jogging:  Instead of running on the road or treadmill, try moving it to the pool.  Water jogging increases cardiovascular capacity without adding wear and tear from impact, giving joints a nice break from the pavement.  Water is thicker than air, so you have added resistance which helps strengthen muscles, and the buoyancy of water allows you to complete a run that would be tough on pavement, and provides quicker recovery time.
  1. Water Aerobics:  If you think water aerobics is just for older women, think again.  Water aerobics is for everyone, even for athletes who are training for a race or competition and may fear getting injured while training.  It’s also a great work out because it incorporates the entire body and increases flexibility while also increasing muscle tone.
  1. Lap Swimming:  Swimming laps not only one of the best kilojoule burning exercises, it also can improve cholesterol levels and is beneficial in controlling body weight.  Studies show swimmers tend to lose weight faster than those who participate in activities such as running or cycling.  Aim to swim for 20 to 40 minutes at a pace that keeps your heart rate up.
  1. Kick Boarding:  So maybe you’ve gotten bored of swimming laps.  Change things up by using a kick board which provides a great leg and abdominal work out.  You can use it on your front, or on your back.  You can even use it to strengthen your arms by holding the kick board with one hand while stroking with the opposite arm and then switching.
  1. Pool Noodles: While noodles are fun for kids to play with, these long foam pool toys are also great for water exercises.  Take the noodle in both hands and submerge it and then lift your knees and jump forward and backward over it.  It’s a great exercise for your legs and abdominal muscles.
  1. Toning Exercises:  Tired of lifting gym equipment?  Water exercises can build muscle.  There are a variety of different toning exercises from push ups and tricep dips on the side of the pool, to walking lunges, to barbells exercises to tone arms, to squats.


Whether you’re looking to change up your work out routine, or enjoy being in the water better than on land, the pool is a great place for a variety of exercises.  Contact Leisure Pools today ( and get Swimming in Quality and Style.