At Leisure Pools, we’re in the business of creating memories that last a lifetime. We’re thrilled to have served over 50,000 families—providing them with swimming pools that are a beautiful gathering place for families to spend quality time together. Why is serving 50,000 significant though?

1. Serving 50,000 families translates to many years of experience in the industry.

Leisure Pools has a long history of designing and manufacturing swimming pools. When you buy a pool from us, you can rest assured that significant time has gone into the research, design and making of your pool. Our pools have been tested to meet quality standards, so you can be sure your pool will be worry-free for years.

2. It means there are 50,000 different families will reap the the benefits of a swimming pool.

Swimming pools provide so many benefits. When you buy a Leisure Pool, you can enjoy all the health and fitness benefits that come with owning a pool. Pools are a great means of exercise, but also provide a place to relax, unwind and de-stress. It’s a great step towards better health and well-being.

3. 50,000 families are spending more time together with their Leisure Pool.

Pools provide something for everyone, no matter your age. Your entire family can enjoy the pool together in different ways. It’s also a place to have pool-side dinners, family reunions, pool parties with friends or staycations. When you own a pool, you’ll find you have the ability to spend more time togehter.

4. All 50,000 pools are special and different in their own way.

Although our pools are built from molds so that your pool is ready to place in the ground when it arrives, each pool is unique in its own way. With Leisure Pools, not only can you choose the design and size that best fits your needs, but you can choose from one of our seven gelcoat colours. You can also choose from a variety of additional features like tanning ledges, spas and water features. As a pool owner, you can also make your pool space uniquely your own with landscaping and decor. We enjoy seeing all the photos of finished pools as each one is special.


If you don’t yet own a pool, now is a great time to be on your way to pool ownership.

Contact Leisure Pools today ( and Get Swimming in Quality and Style.