You may be wondering what exactly a Swim Jet System is.  A Swim Jet System is an enhancement to a pool that operates by pushing large volumes of water through three jets (two positioned at the shoulders and one positioned below, angled up at the chest) that create a resistance for the swimmer to swim against.

So who can benefit from a Swim Jet System?

  1.  Small Backyards:  For those with smaller pool spaces who can only fit a smaller-size pool, a Swim Jet System provides the pool owner with the ability to swim within a small space.  This ensures that even those with the smallest of pools can have a decent swim.
  2. Swimmers of Any Level:  The Swim Jet System works just as well for beginner swimmers as those who are more advanced.
  3. Fitness Enthusiasts:  Swimming is great exercise.  Not only does it tone muscles, but it’s one of the best cardiovascular work outs and works the entire body.  Swimming is great as either your primary exercise, or in combination with a gym membership.
  4. Those Suffering from Arthritis and Joint Pain:  Unlike running or jogging that are high impact, swimming is easy on the joints making it the perfect exercise for those suffering from arthritis and joint pain.  It is even great exercise for those with disability due to the buoyancy of the water.

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