As a homeowner, you are always given the new “hot term” or “marketing pitch” of why something is better.  We understand that everyone can have a claim to fame and frankly it can be overwhelming sometimes to sort the fact from the fiction.

This is why we wanted to talk about a subject that truly puts the “proof in the pudding”. This is something that you can refer to and is not exclusive to us and more importantly is something that you should ask for!  What is this, you may ask? It is your manufacturer’s ICC approval certificate!

But what in the world is ICC and why is it important?  ICC is the International Code Council.  For those that would like the definition straight from ICC Evaluation Services, Inc:

“The main purpose of ICC-ES evaluation reports is to assist those enforcing model codes to determine whether a given subject complies with those codes. An evaluation report is not to be construed as representing a judgment about aesthetics or any other attributes not specifically addressed in the report, nor as an endorsement or recommendation for use of the subject of the report. Approval for use of the subject of the report is the prerogative and responsibility of the Code Official; ICC-ES does not intend to assume, nor can ICC-ES assume, that prerogative and responsibility.”

For those of us that would like it in layman’s terms..

“We have put our product to the highest possible endurance tests and passed!”

Passing some of the toughest tests in the marketplace and they have met all of the standards without being “grandfathered” in as some of our other competitors were in the past.

In 2007, after three and a half years in the application process, Leisure Pools was granted International Code Council (ICC) approval.  “This is a major milestone for our company” says President, David Pain.  Leisure Pools was the first company to pass the ICC’s new acceptance criteria AC274 and comply with the entire alternative testing requirements for new entrants.  “We were told that it would be extremely difficult to pass but persistence has paid off” says Pain.