One of the biggest concerns for the life of your swimming pool is of course what you are going to stare at every day….the interior!

One of the big tests Leisure Pools had to pass to receive International Code Council (ICC) approval was the exposure to ultra UV done via a Carbon Arc Test.  Basically, pool samples are exposed to welding rods in a chamber for 1500 hours continuously (62 days). When completed the surface must not show excessive UV effects.  It equates to around 30 years UV exposure and the fact that our pools passed speaks volumes about the quality and integrity of Leisure Pools.

More importantly, did you know that this “standard of construction” is not required across the country or around the world? Did you know that the ICC approval is always subject to inspection and renewal? You have to build the best and then you have to keep it that way.

We all want to know that we are making the best investment in the best product that will serve our families interests for the long term. This is why we would certainly recommend you research, ask questions and most importantly see if the manufacturer you are looking at purchasing has been willing to let an independent third party rate and approve their product. If not, then there may be “different proof in the pudding down the road”…. And that is not always a good thing.