As we enter a new year, you may be thinking about purchasing a pool–or updating your pool space. Water Features can be a great addition to your pool! Let’s take a look at the great benefits that adding a Water Feature can have.

1. Water Features Are Attractive

While Leisure Pools swimming pools are beautifully designed, adding a Water Feature provides another equally attractive and complementary addition to your swimming pool. Leisure Pools has 6 different styles of Water Features, all with lines and angles, or curves, that will accompany any style of pool Leisure Pools offers.

2. Water Features Offer Variety to Your Backyard Landscape

Many homeowners like to make their backyard their own personal oasis, and Water Features offer a wide variety of options. The addition of a Water Feature is a bonus to any pool.

3. Water Features Provide Tranquil Sound

Owning a swimming pool offers the opportunity for pool-side relaxation. A Water Feature provides cascading water that has a soothing, serene sound that enhances relaxation.

4. Water Features are Customisable

The Leisure Pools Water Features are available in a range of colours including Ivory, Dessert and Basalt. Each of these colours are a rough texture finish providing a rendered look. Alternatively, in order to really customise your Water Feature to suit your landscape many customers will have the Water Feature finished in a variety of products from mosaic tiles, stack stone cladding to tiles. All of these finishes can be glued onto the Water Feature providing a beautiful finish to the swimming pool landscape. If you are considering cladding the entire Water Feature then it is available in a smooth Beige finish. There are also different spill way options available.

Whether you’re looking to add an aesthetically pleasing element, or looking for variety or a relaxing sound, a Water Feature can be a great addition to your swimming pool. Contact Leisure Pools today ( and Get Swimming in Quality and Style.