Your pool is the center point and focus on your backyard, so it’s best to start your backyard project by choosing a stunning pool. Leisure Pools offers beautiful pool designs in an array of six brilliant colours to suit all your needs. But, once you choose your pool, there are other choices to make to make your backyard space look great like landscaping, decor and your style of decking. As you consider pool designs, it’s also fun to start thinking about the decking that will best fit with your pool and the look you desire. You may be wondering what options are out there. We’ve put together an overview of the types of decking to truly deck out your Leisure Pool.


Pavers (or brick) has been around for thousands of years and is durable material that has stood the test of time. It’s easy to maintain and comes in a variety of colors like different shades of brown, gray or a reddish color.

Natural Stone

Natural stone is just like it sounds–it’s flat stones used for paving. Natural stone can be very beautiful and comes in a wide range of colours and types like granite, quartzite, sandstone, slate or limestone. It can come in all different shapes and sizes.


Wood decks can be very beautiful and can be installed in different patterns with a variety of colored stains. The draw back to a wood deck is the maintenance. I would deck needs to be sanded and sealed every so often. An alternative to real wood is synthetic wood which requires less maintenance and doesn’t weather like real wood.


Concrete provides a smooth, simple look and is easy to maintain. With a concrete deck, it can become slippery when wet though unless you have some texture to it.


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