Summer is around the corner and it’s the perfect time to start planning family get-togethers. When you own a pool, it provides many options to entertain the entire family. Whether you’re hosting a family reunion, a party for out-of-town family visiting or even just having some fun with your own family, there are many fun ideas and planning tips. As you plan your family fun this summer, we’ve put together a list to plan the best family get-together yet!

1. Pick a fun theme

While your get-together doesn’t have to have a theme, a theme can be a lot of fun. Hawaiian luau parties are easy to execute. All you need are some leis, tiki torches and add in some Hawaiian grass table cloths. Pineapples and palm trees can also be a great fit for this theme. Similar to a Hawaiian theme is a tropical theme, or you could even do a surf theme. If you have kids at the get-together, themes like pirates, mermaids or sea creatures will be a big hit.

2. Offer pool games and activities everyone can enjoy

When you invite family members to a pool party, there are often a variety of ages and interests to entertain. With a pool, you can entertain all ages! Just choose activities that are a fit for everyone. Kids enjoy pool games, diving sticks and pool tools, whereas older kids or teens may enjoy more competitive games. Adults may prefer pool sports.

3. Cook up the perfect pool-side food

You don’t want to be in the kitchen the entire time your guests are enjoying the pool, so a pool-side BBQ is a great option. It’s also helpful to serve food that can be prepped in advance or bought at the store like fresh fruit trays, pasta salads and vegetables or pita bread with dip. Catering can also be a good option if you have a large group–or ask guests to bring food and host a potluck style get-together.

4. Choose a playlist

A get-together isn’t complete without the right playlist. If you have a theme, be sure to choose music to fit your theme. It’s also helpful to choose music that all guests can enjoy and will appeal to. If you’re looking for the perfect pool-side playlist, check out Leisure Pools’ Spotify playlist.

5. Add some extra fun with decorations

Even if you don’t have a theme, decorations are helpful in creating a nice look or ambiance to your pool space–and will impress your guests! Options are nearly endless for pool-side furniture, lounge chair cushions, lighting and even pool-side dish and serving ware. It helps to pick a colour palatte and an overall look and feel for your decor. If you don’t feel you have the eye to pick your decor yourself, an interior decorate (well in this case an exterior decorator) can help you find the perfect pool decor.

6. Don’t forget the invitations

Sending out invitations that fit your theme or are consistent with your decor can be a nice way to let people know they’re invited–and to remind them. Printed invitations can be cumbersome to mail, so you can always opt for a digital e-invitation instead. You can still choose a template that fits the look you’re going for. Websites like e-vite provide many options.


If you don’t yet own a pool for family get-togethers, contact Leisure Pools today ( You can be on your way to owning the swimming pool of your dreams.