During a time of social distancing and travel restrictions, many people are having to cancel or postpone vacation plans. Although this is a difficult period of time, a swimming can provide a welcome respite: a staycation. Here’s how to have a great staycation with a pool without ever leaving the safety or comfort of your home.

1. Create a Paradise Without Crowds or Groups of People

With a backyard swimming pool, you can enjoy your own personal paradise without having to come into contact with anyone outside of your own family. It enables you to stay away from crowds and busy resort towns. Since you own your pool and pool space, you can turn it into any type of setting you desire whether it’s modern or tropical through landscaping, decor and outdoor furniture. It’s yours to make it what you want.

2. Enjoy a Peaceful Setting

Envision this: Relaxing in a lounge chair poolside with soft, enjoyable music, fresh air, beautiful scenery and a good book. With a backyard pool, you can ensure tranquility and a chance to escape the craziness of the outside world.

3. Sip Poolside Cocktails

For a true staycation experience, whip up cocktails (or mocktails) like pina coladas, margaritas or strawberry daiquiris.

4. Turn Up the Entertainment

If you prefer to have a more entertaining vacation, as opposed to a relaxing vacation, a poolside staycation can still be fun. You can play pool games with the family or treat the kids to new pool toys. Instead of eating indoors, you can have a BBQ outside by the pool. Having a great outdoor sound system helps so your family can enjoy music.

5. Spend Quality Time Together

One of the highlights of a vacation is to spend time with your family–and you can still accomplish that with a staycation. Swimming pools are fun for people of all ages so it’s a great way to bring everyone together while enjoying the swimming pool.


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